Infinova Surveillance Solution Helps Chinese Power Plant Move to IP

Infinova Surveillance Solution Helps Chinese Power Plant Move to IP

Infinova announced western China's 3 million KW Ertan Hydroelectric Power Plant has implemented Infinova's VMS to begin a gradual migration to a digital video solution. The software controls all of the plant's network cameras as well as leveraging selected analog systems, such as the interface to the fire alarm system. In addition, Infinova cameras are located in all areas of the plant.

"This installation is a perfect example of how the Infinova VMS makes it possible for IP and analog surveillance cameras and equipment to coexist and be managed as a single seamless solution,” said Mark Wilson, Infinova Marketing VP. “It lets customers extend the life of their existing analog equipment by having the new IP solution operate side-by-side with their existing analog system.”

At Ertan, the VMS platform uses an IP SAN for centralized storage and a RAID 5 disk array to increase the storage capacity and to ensure continuity and reliability for the long-term storage archives.

The surveillance system also integrates with the plant's existing Honeywell fire alarm system including IR detectors. The plant's original analog video system used an Infinova alarm interface unit to connect the fire alarm system to the surveillance system. The VMS was able to extend its life by using the same interface. When the alarm system generates an alarm, the Infinova platform switches the video from the camera closest to the alarm detector to the command center monitor.

Infinova cameras monitor many different environments. For instance, the high risk areas need HD cameras to provide HD videos and evidence. Therefore, Infinova day/night network PTZ cameras were selected for general and patrol surveillance of open areas. For specific objects requiring constant surveillance, the plant chose Infinova day/night network cameras.

All cameras support MPEG-4/M-JPEG dual encoding technology and dual streaming with a high resolution stream for live viewing and a lower resolution stream for archiving or for remote users' low bandwidth connections. In addition, the cameras support PoE, which reduces construction costs and improves reliability.

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