Mobotix Cameras Root Out Vandalism at UK Public Garden

Mobotix Cameras Root Out Vandalism at UK Public Garden

Mobotix , a manufacturer of complete high-resolution IP video systems installed its surveillance solution which is protecting Crossgates Community Gardens, a nonprofit and locally run focal point built by the townspeople of Crossgates located near Dunfermline in Scotland.

The Crossgates Community Garden has been created by the Greenfingers Volunteer Group on a piece of land donated by the local Masonic Lodge through a range of fundraising activities and grants awarded. The goal, according to Liz Beattie, Secretary of the Crossgates Greenfingers Trust, was to create a space for the village to enjoy and to help local children understand about environmental awareness.

The gardens, which will be officially opened by Lord Elgin on June 25, will be regularly used by the local primary and secondary schools for lessons on ecology and as a safe outdoor area for seasonal activities like Christmas and Easter pageants. "Unfortunately, we had had a number of acts of petty vandalism in the village", Beattie said. The nonprofit decided that a small surveillance solution would be ideal to help deter this kind of behavior.

After receiving funding from the Muir Dean Community Trust, the Garden committee approached Eclipse (IP) , a Dunfermline-based Mobotix business partner, for a solution. The installation would need to be low maintenance, cost-effective and able to quickly retrieve footage in the event of any incidents. As there is no IT infrastructure on the site, the system would also need to be self-contained and not require a PC or server connection.

Neil Alexander, MD for Eclipse (IP), said, "This was a perfect situation for a Mobotix system as with a built-in 16 GB SD card, we could effectively have the cameras record all the footage and simply download them in the event of an incident. With just the addition of power, we created a sever-day surveillance window without the need for lots of IT equipment on the site."

Eclipse installed two Mobotix cameras, in day-and-night configurations which are accessed via secure Wi-Fi. It also installed Raytec LED white lights to ensure the gardens are fully protected.

"Since the installation of the system, we have had no acts of vandalism and the cameras and the clear warning signs are a great deterrent", Beattie said. "Neil and Eclipse were simply fantastic, they helped and advised us all along the way and the system is both discreet yet able to cover the entire area in good detail."

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