Industrial Security Optimizes Business Workflows

Industrial Security Optimizes Business Workflows

Thanks to the development of integrated security, large industrial sites are not only secured but automated for a tailored business process.

Axis Prevents Volkswagen Production Delays
Shanghai -Volkswagen has manufactured the Passat automobile since May 2000 at a factory in Anting, about 50 kilometers from Shanghai. The company implemented a control system for production, which connected to computing systems supplied by ICS Industrielle Automatisierungssysteme in Germany. The control system allows Volkswagen to control the production process of every single car via a barcode label attached to each vehicle. These barcodes are read by scanners installed along the assembly line and transmitted back to the control system.

To ease work and prevent delays in the manufacturing progress, SeeTec Industry Monitoring and ICS Industrielle Automatisierungssysteme developed a visual verification system with Axis network cameras as a key element. Once the scanner reads an error, the data collection point (DCP) sends a signal to the camera, which then forwards a picture of the barcode to the emergency data entry computer. The management software implemented by SeeTec opens a window on the screen and views the barcode. An employee then copies the numbers into a second window, where data is directly transmitted to the control system.

To provide a fully redundant solution, a self-test routine was incorporated into the system: The management software recognizes spelling errors and only the correct entry of the barcode is forwarded. Moreover, a signal circle was created to make sure that all components of the system work reliably. The DCP sends a signal which travels through the whole system in short intervals. Signals that are not registered and answered by any of the components within a determined timeframe is considered as a warning, which appears as an audio message or on the screen.

Employees save time by not physically going to each car to rescan its barcode. The tailor-made visual verification system increases the value of the network and improves the production process.

Johnson Controls Helps Novartis Streamline Business
Swiss Novartis is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, with more than US$29 billion in annual sales. Novartis separated its numerous services performed at its headquarters into two areas: technical service and facility management, and energy and waste.

Novartis outsourced its technical and facility management services to Johnson Controls since January 2001. This included managing 1,100 employees who had previously worked for its subsidiary, along with the service facilities encompassing 1.8 million square meters. Given that all services were contractually guaranteed for a certain level of quality, the contract delivers lower and more transparent costs.

Johnson Controls maintained the building automation system, along with the integrated heating, cooling, ventilation and elevator systems. Lab technology systems are also managed, including electronics and automation, piping and system construction, logistics, IT, inspection, and quality assurance. Furthermore, Johnson Controls provided several technical training courses for employees.

Security services are important to Novartis. For access control, Johnson Controls organized emergency services, which includes the fire department, emergency planning and consultation, and the central alarm system. The management of cleaning services, centralized copy center, postal services and internal transport were combined into infrastructure services.

The required quality of the services was defined by service-level agreements, where the client specifies the expected level of quality for the services. In such agreements, the service provider must balance the needs and perceptions of the client company, the contracting party and the recipient of the services.

As a result, the status of Novartis' employees was enhanced within the new structure. The responsibilities of the employees were increased at the same time.

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