Hikvision Upgrades Turkish Ziraat Bank Surveillance Systems

Hikvision Upgrades Turkish Ziraat Bank Surveillance Systems

With branches and ATMs located in more than 2,000 different locations in Turkey, Ziraat Bank is the largest in the country and offers congenial, high-quality service to more than million customers every day. Due to a high flow of cash exchange and large numbers of customers coming through the offices, a rigorous and reliable surveillance system was required to safeguard the customers, employees and assets for Ziraa Bank.

Ziraat Bank wanted to build a centralized surveillance system supporting high-quality video monitoring and retrieval at headquarters in Casablanca to manage and remotely monitor the whole surveillance system covering all the other branches and ATMs.

Due to a limited Intranet connection, Zirrat Bank needed to choose surveillance products requiring less bandwidth to ensure smooth video processing. Zirrat Bank should detect subtle behavior as well that demonstrates possible frauds and robbery to secure the safety of the bank and ATMs for cash transactions.

Other unique requirements such as remote video-data backup and video preview and playback on the same screen have to be accommodated as well.

A great number of corporations in security industry were eager to be involved in the Ziraat Bank project. However, Hikvision, the digital surveillance supplier, was selected to provide its reliable DVRs and technical support to secure the bank. Two thousand Hikvision network DVRs were installed in every Ziraat Bank branch and ATM kiosk throughout Turkey.

The series network DVR comes with 16-, 8- or 4-channel video and audio inputs, and facilitates real-time recording and playback with resolution of up to 4CIF. In addition, utilizing Hikvision's enhanced H.264 video codec, the network DVR is able to provide smooth video streaming with minimal bandwidth occupation, fully complying with the requirements of Ziraat Bank.

Featuring digital zoom in preview and playback, the network DVRs help users zoom in on the image for details of cash transactions at the ATM. Should illegal activities take place, the video footage can be viewed closely and clearly, and then turned over to the authorities for investigation. These actions effectively enhance the security level in the locations where cash flow goes in and out.

Backing up video data by remotely download with multichannels is supported as well by the series network DVRs. This dramatically enhances the efficiency of data access compared with the original single channel. Having preview and playback video on the same screen simultaneously allows users to monitor the on-site security status and playback the video footage at the same time.

With Hikvision's CMS being applied in the monitoring center back at headquarters, Ziraat Bank can centrally manage all the surveillance devices in branches and ATMs and get access to security status on the scene timely.

"Hikvision's reliable network surveillance system helps our bank raise security levels,” said Necmi Cevirme, Security Department Manager of Ziraat Bank. “The tailored products, professional technical supports and customization provided by Hikvision match what we are expected, and we will continue to use the reliable products in the second phase of the installation."

"We are proud to deliver the solution to Ziraat Bank to increase safety and security," said Maxwell Wei, International Sales Director of Hikvision. "Thanks to the support of our partner in Turkey, we accomplished this project successfully, this motivates us to keep on establishing a closer relationship with our distributors and partners worldwide, as well as providing the latest technology and products to the security industry."

Location: Ziraat Bank, Turkey
To secure more than 2,000 branches and ATMs of the bank throughout Turkey with a centralized platform that supports high-definition video preview and playback in real-time while occupying the minimal network bandwidth possible. Other unique requirements from the bank, such as multichannel video data remote backup and simultaneous, same-screen preview and playback video, had to be met as well.
Products Adopted:
DS-8000HCI-S Series Network DVR
1. H.264 video codec;
2. Video quality with each channel supporting up to 4 CIF;
3. Real time surveillance.

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