Firetide and Axis Reduce Crime and Accidents for Shopping Center

Since the 1 million-square-foot Golf Mill Shopping Center in Niles, Illinois, installed a wireless video surveillance system in 2007, car accidents, thefts and other adverse incidents are down anywhere from 50 to 100 percent, according to the mall. During the busy holiday season, the shopping center continues to increase video surveillance to protect the safety of its shoppers and security personnel.

Installed by solutions provider Secure Integrations, the system encompasses Axis Communications network cameras placed in overt locations both inside and outside the mall around the 120 specialty shops, four department stores and 89 acres of parking spaces. Transmission through Firetide wireless network equipment streams real-time video to the central security office in the mall. During patrols, officers can access the video feed on PDAs, allowing officers to view feeds from remote locations, making the officers more efficient. Additionally, the Village of Niles Police have access to the security surveillance system.

While video security systems act as deterrents to property crime – car burglaries, shoplifting – and petty crimes, cameras cannot prevent or predict violent crime. However, if a violent crime unfortunately does take place, these systems enable police and mall security personnel to investigate incidents after they occur more effectively – to identify suspects, bring about convictions, and exonerate the innocent.

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