3VR Cracks down on Crimes for Redner's Market

3VR Cracks down on Crimes for Redner's Market

3VR Security, a provider of intelligent surveillance and search, announced that Redner's Markets has selected and deployed 3VR's SmartRecorder searchable surveillance solution to enhance security at their grocery and convenience stores. The deployment of 3VR technology has in turn helped Redner's reduce losses, improve crime investigation efficiency and cut down theft of all kinds.

An East Coast retail chain with 38-warehouse markets and 13 Quick Shoppe convenience outlets throughout Eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware, Redner's is deploying 3VR's intelligent surveillance platform, including 3VR's comprehensive P-Series SmartRecorder solution in its grocery locations and its more compact S-Series SmartRecorder in its smaller Quick Shoppe convenience stores. Both the P-series and S-series provide capabilities specifically for the needs of retailers, allowing organizations to integrate intelligent surveillance into their current security system and deploy sophisticated solutions aiding in fraud, loss prevention and addressing retail theft. Additionally, the S-Series provides Redner's with the same feature set of the 3VR's P-Series, but within a platform ideal for Redner's smaller convenience store locations.

Redner's use of 3VR's sophisticated features, including directional and motion search functions, have cut the time spent searching through video by security personnel by 50-75 percent on average, drastically accelerating the turn-around time in which they can respond to incidents and submit evidence to the police. For example, a major security problem in the grocery industry involves people entering a store, filling up a shopping cart with merchandise and then simply running out. Rather than sifting through footage second by second, Redner's staff uses 3VR's directional search capabilities to find the video footage of the individuals exiting the store. Furthermore, 3VR technology makes it easy to get that information to law enforcement in a timely manner by providing the ability to quickly and easily save this video to a CD or upload it to an FTP site to make it almost instantly available. This cuts the crime response time to half of what it would have taken with previous security systems.

Redner's has also found the 3VR facial search capabilities especially useful in searching for known criminals and alerting staff of their presence on-site. With Organized Retail Crime(ORC) as a substantial security issue facing the industry, Redner's has been able to use 3VR to identify and tag members of local ORC groups and alert store security when they enter any Redner's outlet. Redner's has identified and caught shoplifters using this technique, catching thieves as they enter another store after stealing from a separate location. 3VR's enterprise search and the ability to search across video from all locations has enabled Redner's to collect footage of ORC activities and develop crime patterns in order to protect against them.

3VR also integrates with Redner's exception-based reporting system from Micros-Retail, XBR Loss Prevention and Store Analytics package. The integration of these two intelligent systems enables Redner's security personnel to view footage associated with specific transactions and identify or prevent employee theft using video of any questionable transactions, such as a voids, returns and possible sweet-hearting. 3VR also integrates with Redner's existing track cameras, which it uses to track suspected criminals in its stores.

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