Brewin Dolphin Extends Recording Solution with Verint Impact 360 Recording Software

Brewin Dolphin Extends Recording Solution with Verint Impact 360 Recording Software

Verint Systems Inc. announced that Brewin Dolphin Ltd., one of the UK's largest independent private client investment managers, has implemented the next-generation recording software from Verint Witness Actionable Solutions. Deployment of the new full-time recording solution serves as an extension to the company's current use of Verint call recording technology, which was selected to support Brewin Dolphin's front- and back-office operations across 39 UK regional offices, including its major centers in London, Newcastle and Edinburgh.

The recording software is designed to offer the highest levels of resilience, supporting Brewin Dolphin's multisite contact center and back-office operations in adhering to the latest UK Financial Services Authority (FSA) compliance recording guidelines. In selecting the technology, a key requirement for the company was the ability to record all customer-related calls from any handset across the organization—front or back-office—in order to meet the management information demands of the FSA's Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) initiative.

Brewin Dolphin previously had approximately recording licenses in place. This implementation—secured by Verint partner Sabio—provides an additional 1,700 licenses, enabling full recording coverage for all Brewin Dolphin front and back-office staff, irrespective of location.

"When you're working with 130,000 different clients and managing significant funds, it's essential to have records of all customer interactions, regardless of where and how the contact was made," commented Ian Spillett, Brewin Dolphin's Head of Voice and Data. "Working with Verint's implementation partner, Sabio, we've been able to develop a true multisite, full-time recording infrastructure using the new recording software. It provides the reliability and security we need to ensure our processes and management information meets the FSA's TCF obligations."

"We wanted a recording approach that would provide complete compliance protection across our network of UK offices, and we were particularly impressed by the software based on our past experiences," added Spillett. "Partnering with Verint in this way allows us to leverage a fully resilient solution that enables each of our regional offices to record at our central hub backed up by a regional disaster recovery center."

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