China Hangzhou Bank Gets Access to Nedap

China Hangzhou Bank Gets Access to Nedap

Hangzhou City Commercial Bank in China has chosen Nedap's security management system AEOS to secure its offices. Currently, the system is installed at three offices; later on seventeen offices will follow. The access control system is being implemented by Nedap's Chinese Business Partner Utis.

One of the reasons that Hangzhou Bank has chosen Nedap is its architecture, which is based on open IT standards. This, in turn, allows the application of the Single Server Multi Site solution, which brings along many advantages.

Single Server Multi Site solution
The solution involves one central server that controls multiple sites. The advantages of this are abundant. First of all, the solution allows remote maintenance. With one server in place, the system only requires maintenance of that server; the underlying sites don't need separate maintenance.

Secondly, the solution is a great way to support a company's uniform security policy, because it can arrange authorizations and grant access control rights centrally. Furthermore, it can be connected to a company's existing network. All these lead to a considerably lower total cost of operation (TCO).

"This project perfectly shows the competitive edge of the AEOS system. One of the main reasons for Hangzhou Bank to choose AEOS as its security management system is its open architecture which enables the application of the Single Server Multi Site solution. This brings along a TCO significantly lower than other systems," said Nancy Wanders, Business Development Manager Asia/Pacific for Nedap.

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