Austrian HYPO Bank Renovates Itself with LEGIC Technology

Austrian HYPO Bank Renovates Itself with LEGIC Technology

During renovation and extension work at HYPO state bank, GANTNER also upgraded and modernized the bank's LEGIC system. The Hypo Vorarlberg Group's headcount has more than doubled in the last ten years. No wonder the existing building was fit to burst. The main idea was to combine customer convenience and highest security levels. Contactless LEGIC technology offered many advantages.

Hypo's head office building in Bregenz was in urgent need of renovation, so full-scale conversion and extension work was begun in April 2007. Head office floor space was increased by total of around 1,000 square meters. The ambitious new construction plans concentrated on deploying the latest environmentally-friendly building technologies as well as on the architect's language and the inclusion of contemporary art.

GANTNER as Project Coordinator
After a three-month project planning phase during which GANTNER coordinated all the trades involved, from electricians through to door producers, the next challenge was to install the access control and time & attendance system which had to be integrated into the existing technological landscape.

Besides HYPO in Bregenz, a total of almost 250 GANTNER time recording and access control terminals for more than 1,000 employees are in use at 31 other HYPO locations and subsidiaries in Austria; together they form an integrated LEGIC based system. Thanks to teamwork, this far from easy undertaking was completed in a record time of around six weeks. The new building in Bregenz alone houses 550 staff and 5,000 access control operations must be performed every day. Organizing all this requires 62 online and 40 offline terminals; time stamping takes place at one of eight time-registration terminals which were specially manufactured for HYPO as a stainless steel version.

High Security Requirements
The system in Bregenz on Lake Constance includes a few special features which cater specifically for the increased security requirements that are appropriate to a bank. The use of lifts and access to individual floors are controlled, for example. An employee's chip card must additionally be verified by means of a code in order to gain access to the banking area both from outside and from the offices.

The entire building is split into a total of 15 alarm areas which can be activated and deactivated via the access control or time registration terminals. GAT Building Overview software ensures that staff who are responsible for security have a complete overview of all events, door states and alarm situations. This software also allows various scenarios to be stored and triggered as appropriate.

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