NUUO Surveillance Software Deployed by Merkur Casino

NUUO Surveillance Software Deployed by Merkur Casino

With 24 branches in the Czech Republic, the Merkur Casino needs high-resolution video surveillance to avoid threats, including vandalism, attacks on staff, and theft. The casino required analog and network cameras in an effort to provide security guards with clearer video images and to control the budget of installing a surveillance system. In casinos, managers need to monitor and avoid theft from their personnel as well as criminal threats and thus need to make sure that their facilities are properly monitored. NUUO surveillance software, which is aimed at monitoring public safety, gaming disputes and detecting fraud and theft, is adopted by Viakom, designing surveillance systems for Merkur Casino in the Czech Republic.

A Flexible and Scalable Solution Handling Hurdles of mixed Analog and Digital Video Content
A network management technology requires intelligent, flexible and scalable network infrastructure to protect many different areas of the property as well as the gaming machines. Not every camera in the surveillance system needs to be a megapixel network camera. Merkur Casino deploys megapixel network cameras and analog cameras to monitor different environments in the casino. NUUO provides the advantage of the IP surveillance management solution enabling hybrid systems that integrate both analog and megapixel network cameras. This allows Merkur casino to optimize ROI while taking advantage of current technology and further capabilities coming in the future.

Customer Service Improved and Maintain Image Quality
Modern network cameras and network video software enable surveillance personnel to tilt, pan and zoom in to monitor exactly what is happening on the game machines. NUUO surveillance system enables security personnel to detect events as they happen and take action immediately. Merkur Casino monitors all play zones, audio on Ruleta and Black Jack, and little secret cameras that are displayed only in the manager's office and not on any other monitor. The manager can, therefore, control and monitor the situation in the casino at all times.

NUUO surveillance systems with high-tech cameras also help minimize the criminal incidents in a casino environment. This helps improve customer service and maintain Merkur Casino's image quality. If a customer's property is stolen, the casino personnel can find the theft by searching the recordings, capture the thief and return the stolen item to the customer. Merkur Casino utilizes surveillance systems to improve customer satisfaction, which attracts more people as well as protecting the facilities and saving money.

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