Bosch Filming German Zoo Whatever the Weather

Bosch Filming German Zoo Whatever the Weather

Since tigers Jantar and Sigena, and lions Thar and Keera returned to the Nuremburg Zoo in April 2009, they have been monitored as carefully as possible. As part of the renovation of the zoo's predator house, the big cat enclosure has now been kitted out with two high-performance Bosch dome cameras. Both zookeepers and visitors now have the chance to observe their favorite animals any time they please. During the renovation, the feline predators were housed in other zoos.

To ensure security in the entrance area, Bosch installed four fixed “Dinion over IP” video cameras at Nuremburg Zoo. The images recorded by these cameras are saved to a Divar recording device.

Thanks to Bosch technology, fans of Nuremburg Zoo can also keep a close eye on the construction of the Dolphin Lagoon. An LTC 0485 Dinion XF video camera transmits images showing the progress of the building work to the Zoo's website. The Lagoon, which is set to be finished in 2011, is an open-air structure with 1,500 seats and 5.3 million liters of salt water — the pool will reach depths of up to seven meters and provide a water surface area of 1,540 square meters, while the underwater landscape will be modeled on a maritime habitat.

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