Pacom Secures Bank in Africa

Pacom Secures Bank in Africa

Pacom Systems secured their first banking project in Morocco for the Societe Generale Marocaine de Banques with their partner LG Securite.

Pacom equipment will be installed in 350 sites across Morocco and in Societe Generale's monitoring station in Casablanca over the next 4 months. Each branch will be equipped with the latest model of field controller, the Pacom 8001, and centrally managed by Pacom software, GMS 4.

"Pacom has been selected for its IP expertise and hardware flexibility,” said Majid Herradi, Sales Director of LG Securite. “The first step is to handle alarm and in the future, add access control management.”

Pacom's VP of Business Development for Central Europe and Middle East Africa, Pascal Creff, sees these types of projects leading Pacom to a preferred solution position in today's competitive market. “This banking project is one of the first in Morocco using a complete integrated security solution over an IP network,” said Creff. “This will no doubt set the benchmark for future security systems in Morocco.”

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