Bombay Stock Exchange Adopts RFID to Secure Parking Access

Essen RFID, one of India's RFID OEM provider headquartered in Mumbai, announced that one of its lead VAR channel partners has installed RFID hardware solution at the landmark Bombay Stock Exchange building located in South Mumbai. The RFID hardware solution Xtenna will track vehicles belonging to the Stock Exchange as they enter and exit the premises.

Commenting on this development, Essen RFID's Sr.BD Manager, Shrinivas Shikaripurkar, said, “It is a well known fact that the Nov. 26 episode has shaken the security foundations of Mumbai city, hence BSE has actively considered employing RFID technology to secure its parking lot. This is a trigger point for similar large landmarks in South Mumbai to adopt RFID to make their premises safe and secure.”

Essen RFID has already installed Xtenna for its parking management applications for two well known landmark skyscrapers in Mumbai. Xtenna can track vehicles at a distance as far as up to 40 feet in an open environment. The vehicles entering/exiting at speeds of up to 35 to 40 km/per hour can be easily tracked using the RFID module of Essen.

Essen, which launched its RFID device Xtenna in 2008, is an Indian OEM headquartered at Nariman Point, Mumbai. It has successfully demonstrated its RFID modules for people tracking, asset tracking, livestock tracking and document tracking.

Essen's Xtenna covers RFID bands across the European Union, United States, China, Korea and India through models that operate in the 865-870 MHz, 902-928 MHz, 840–844 MHz, spectrum respectively. Its RFID reader has dynamic multiprotocol capability that is fully compliant with future standards. Along with tag reading performance (up to 40 feet) that not only supports dense reader mode but also overcomes multiple sources of signal interference.

One of the unique selling proposition is its ability to be also used in remote locations and over long distances without signal deterioration. By using Power over Ethernet (PoE) for transmission and converting sensitive analog RF signals to digital at source, Xtenna eliminates any scope of loss or deterioration during data transmission.

Xtenna's advantage over an ordinary RF cable is multifold. Xtenna requires an inexpensive Cat 6 cable that can carry 48 V DC power simultaneously along with data. Unlike the RF cable's sensitive analog signal, Xtenna provides a stable digital transmission. Moreover, RF cable has a limited distance of up to 20 feet before signal deterioration. With Xtenna, this is offset as the distance between Xtenna and PoE switch can now be enhanced to 330 feet without loss.

Essen has a patent pending with the U.S. and Indian Patent Offices. Essen has partnered with some of the leading players both in India as well as global firms operating in the RFID applications space.

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