Nuuo Enables Live Video Monitoring at Taiwan Hospital

From 2005, Tzu Chi medical center adopted the “simulation gross anatomy operation teaching approach.” By using actual human bodies preserved by a quick frozen method, Tzu Chi is allowed to perform several difficult operation simulations, such as microscopical operation, minimally invasive operation, transplant operation, cardio operation and so on. In addition, Tzu Chi also put great emphasis on e-learning.

In 2008, Tzu Chi medical center adopted the remote live view technology. Combined with its medical platform, Tzu Chi applies interactive teaching between gross operation room and the classroom.

Video From Many Places to Anywhere
The remote live view system of Nuuo can record images from up to 64 channels. Tzu Chi has adopted such system and input around 40 sets of images into Nuuo remote live view system, so the required image can be output through this system to the monitors of each classroom when needed. With these images, the teachers in each classroom can capture images for demonstration whenever they need.

Big Breakthrough
Not only can the remote live view system of Nuuo capture and monitor traditional analog camera and network camera, it can also be used to connect with medical camera, audio/visual equipment, interactive teaching platform and microphone broadcast system on the interactive teaching platform of Tzu Chi. This increases the effectiveness of integrating the teaching platforms.

The playback and intelligent image search functions make it easier for teachers to explain the process. During the simulation operation, the teach can directly capture a recorded image and display it on the monitors of interactive classroom and the operation room, so the procedure in doubt can be corrected or explained immediately, enhancing the benefit of the simulated operation.

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