Hospital Prevents Potential Threats to Children by LEGEND id Security System

LEGEND id, a Photo ID and Tracking Solutions provider in Kent, Washington, installed and supports the on-site visitor identification and background checking system at Seattle Children's Hospital in January.

The new system has worked with "good success," according to Seattle Children's Hospital Security Director Jim Sawyer.

"We've had four confirmed hits in the last two weeks,” said Sawyer. Three of the visitors in question were turned away at the front desk. The fourth was allowed to visit a family member but with a security escort.

The new system helps hospitals like Seattle Children's Hospital identify sex offenders and other persons that pose a security risk by simultaneously performing a background check while scanning the visitor's photo identification.

"The immediate issuing of credentials insures the identity of every visitor in a facility," said LEGEND id President Doug Vetter. When cleared, the visitor is issued a time- sensitive photo ID sticker which prevents badge "swapping" and ID misuse.

"A photo ID and tracking system provides the highest-level security available in a visitor tracking system," said Vetter. “The integration of the background check not only protects patients but reduces the facility's exposure to risk and liability.”

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