Dutch Police Use IQeye Smart Megapixel Surveillance to Watch Stores

IQinVision, a market provider in high-performance megapixel IP security cameras, intelligent network cameras, and IP video recording systems, announced about 20 downtown Rotterdam shops in the Netherlands have deployed IQeye megapixel cameras to combat store robberies. IQeyes cameras were chosen over other IP camera makers for its image quality. UTS (Unisoft Total Services) is responsible for the overall technological application and installation.

For the Rotterdam-Rijnmond Police and the area's shopkeepers, this is the latest weapon against thieves and other bad guys. The IQinVision smart megapixel camera system follows a series of other measures taken in response to an increase in robberies in this commercial district. The security camera installation signals that police want to send a clear message: no robbery will be tolerated in the Rotterdam-Rijnmond region. The Rotterdam-Rijnmond Police won a prestigious Dutch innovation award for the deployment of the IQeye surveillance camera system.

The Tobacco Shop Vivant in City Rotterdam Mathenesserweg (West District) was the first store to install IQeyes. From there in late 2008, 17 more stores in Vreewijk and the Prince's Square districts installed the smart megapixel camera system. The surveillance solution will be evaluated over a period of several months to see if it delivers the desired results for both the retailers and the police. Should the results be favorable, the retail surveillance system could potentially be deployed to hundreds of shops in the area.

The IQinVision camera feeds are directly connected with Rotterdam Police Dispatch through Milestone Systems XProtect video management software. When a shopkeeper experiences a robbery attempt or perceives trouble, he presses a button that activates the strategically placed megapixel cameras and a live feed is directly transmitted to the police control room. The robbers are filmed in high resolution providing razor sharp images. In addition to the live feed feature, the IQeye 702s are continuously recording to a 16 GB CF memory card in the camera itself using IQrecorder software, so the shopkeeper has a record of all incidents.

Ramon Grado, CPP, IQinVision MD for EMEA, "Here is a highly innovative system deployed across multiple shops that all benefit from superior IQeye megapixel camera images transmitted at the touch of a button to the police. This security camera solution is designed for cost-effective scalability and can be easily expanded to other shops. We anticipate the deterrent effect will be impressive." 

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