IndigoVision IP Video to Keep Italian Hospital Safe

IndigoVision IP Video to Keep Italian Hospital Safe

IndigoVision's integrated IP video system was chosen to protect the main hospital complex in the Italian city of Palermo. Situated in the center of the city, Villa Sofia-CTO consists of three main hospital buildings located on a single site. The new 650-camera system will provide the hospital with the latest surveillance technology, helping them to protect staff, patients, visitors and valuable assets.

The IP video system will be installed on dedicated networks in each of the three main buildings. Each building will be interconnected using a wireless LAN. This will allow the hospital security team to monitor all 650 cameras, from all three sites, using a single central control room. IndigoVision's compression technology ensures that full frame rate high-quality digital video, from all the cameras, can be streamed 24-7 across the network with minimal impact on bandwidth – an important factor when using wireless networks. The system is being supplied by IndigoVision's local partner Bettini and installed by CEPIE in partnership with the design consultant Studio Diblasi di Palermo.

The security staff will use Control Center, IndigoVision's IP Video and alarm management software to monitor live and recorded video from the cameras. Video will be recorded at full-frame rate for seven days using 42 stand-alone IndigoVision Network Video Recorders (NVRs), which will be installed around the three buildings to minimize network bandwidth. Using the Control Center workstation, operators will be able to view recorded video from any NVR, no matter where they are located. The distributed nature of IP Video removes the single point of failure associated with an analog video matrix and DVR system. If a NVR fails, video can be automatically redirected to another NVR and as they are distributed, the system is inherently fault-tolerant. IndigoVision's system is thus very flexible and scalable, allowing additional cameras, NVRs or Control Center workstations to be added cost-effectively to any point on the network. This together with the high-quality low-bandwidth video, was the reason IndigoVision's solution was chosen for Palermo Hospital.

Real time motion detection analytics will be used to trigger alarms in Control Center when people or vehicles enter unauthorized areas. The alarms can then be used to automatically trigger events, such as displaying a pre-defined salvo of cameras or panning and zooming a camera to a preset location. Automating the real time detection of incidents frees up valuable operator resource and increases effectiveness. The same tools are available in Control Center for the post-event analysis of large volumes of recorded footage. This dramatically reduces the time to locate critical events, enabling timely response to emergency situations.

The cameras are a mix of fixed and dome analog cameras, installed internally and externally. Each camera is connected to an IndigoVision 8000 module which converts the analog feed to DVD-quality MPEG-4 digital video for transmission over the network. The processing of real time analytics and a unique IndigoVision feature called Activity Controlled Frame rate (ACF) is achieved in the 8000 module itself. ACF controls the amount of video that is transmitted on to the network. When the scene is inactive, the frame rate is reduced, as soon as any motion is detected in the scene the frame rate is automatically set to maximum. Integrated real-time features such as ACF and analytics that operate in the camera at the network edge can only be fully realized because IndigoVision's system is a complete end-to-end solution, with all components designed by IndigoVision. This ensures maximum performance in any environment.

About IndigoVision
IndigoVision is a leading manufacturer of complete end-to-end IP video and alarm management solutions. IndigoVision is widely chosen for applications in airports, city centres, retail, ports, mines, road and rail systems, education, banking, casinos, prisons, government and the military. These enterprise-class systems improve organizations' operational efficiency, enhance public safety and enable timely emergency response. IndigoVision has extensive reference sites including 7 rail networks, 2 of the world's top 5 banks, 28 airports and the two Olympic Games. Around the world 25 casinos consisting of over 8000 cameras, have chosen IndigoVision's IP Video solution, reinforcing the company's position as the market leader in this demanding industry. IndigoVision is headquartered in Edinburgh UK, with local sales and support offices across the world. IndigoVision partners with 200 authorized system integrators and installers in 40 countries to provide local system design, installation and service to end users. For more information, please visit

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