Hikvision Secures Burger King in United Kingdom

Hikvision Secures Burger King in United Kingdom

Burger King, one of the biggest worldwide fast food chains, has over 11,300 restaurants in 69 countries. And in Glasgow, United Kingdom, approximately 90 percent of Burger King Restaurants are operated by independent franchisees in different locations, which have been providing convenience of food for hundreds of people every day. Ensuring the security of restaurants as well as offering unified management for this food chain, therefore, is critical for Burger King.

The priority in security for Burger King is to have a centralized platform that supports real-time viewing and high-definition retrieving in order to centrally manage the surveillance systems in different restaurants, so that the security staff in surveillance center can easily get to know the security status in real time.

In addition, there are no personnel staying in the restaurant at night, so that ensuring absolute security of the restaurant at the night time is one of the major concerns.

Burger King decided to use the DS-8000HCI Series DVR from Hikvision, the leading digital surveillance products supplier with the headquarters in China, to secure the restaurant.

DS-8000HCI Series DVR, Hikvision's new generation digital surveillance product, has maximum 16-channel video and audio input, while 12-channel, 8-channel and 4-channel inputs being the options. Using the most advanced H.264 ACE (Advanced Code Efficiency) video compression algorithm, the product offers high-definition video quality with the resolution up to 4CIF. One of the highlights is its stable and reliable operation particularly over a long period of time, which dramatically reduces the maintenance cost.

Besides, the products are able to completely guarantee the security of restaurants 24/7. As soon as an unusual event (e.g. unauthorized access of customer and stock missing in the store/warehouse, etc.) occurs in the restaurant at night when there is no personnel available in the restaurant, the alerts would be triggered and delivered to surveillance center immediately, so that the staffs in the center can make sure whether it is a real threat by getting access to the video, and choose to ask police for help. While at week days, alerts can be sent out for security personnel in the restaurant to take necessary actions when there is an emergency.

Burger King, Glasgow, United Kingdom

Burger King is one of the biggest worldwide fast food chains. As the restaurants are operated in different locations, a centralized platform that supports real-time viewing and high-definition retrieving to manage the surveillance systems is highly required.

Products Adopted:
1. Hikvision's DS-8000HCI Series DVR

1. Support up to 4CIF real-time resolution video input and recording, which enables high-definition video

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