MATE Intelligent Video Deployed to Secure Solar Fields in Spain

MATE Intelligent Video, the technology supplier in intelligent video surveillance systems and video analytics, announced that its Trigger analytic video encoder has been chosen by CCTV Center, a distributor in Spain, to protect several local solar fields.

Spain is one of the countries applying "concentrating solar power" (CSP) technologies. The solar fields are often located in remote areas. Consequently a short response time to any disruption has become one of the most pressing security issues. Traditional security such as physical barriers and cameras are incapable of providing a sufficient solution when addressing this issue.

The client, a major solar power company in Spain, experienced substantial financial losses due to the theft of solar panels and metals from their remote sites. The double fence protection around the field's extensive perimeter was not a sufficient deterrent to protect the unmanned sites from repeated thefts.

MATE added its Trigger analytic video encoder to the existing network of video cameras installed at the inner perimeter fence. These units, which can concurrently analyze up to four video inputs, are specifically designed to operate in harsh outdoor conditions. In addition they provide a security level by far superior to CCTV systems. CCTV Center, MATE's distributor in Spain, has provided local support for this project.

MATE's Trigger systems are able to track objects in real time, allowing the user to select from a rich set of detectable behaviors to alert upon. These systems help security organizations better focus resources and lower response times - without raising overall surveillance overhead.

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