Siemens Offers Two Home Automation Novelties

Siemens Offers Two Home Automation Novelties

The energy-saving Synco living Home Automation System from Siemens offers two novelties. Complemented by a web server, the system gives the user even more comfort and security via remote access.

The Synco living Home Automation System from Siemens Building Technologies provides intelligent control of heating and ventilation plant, lighting and blinds. It also offers security functions such as monitoring of windows and doors, presence simulation as a protective measure against intrusion, and fire detection.

Web server brings benefits
Normally, plant is configured, monitored and operated via the central apartment unit. The newOZW772.01 web server offers users the option of remote control and the reception of alarm messages via PC or Smartphone. Commissioning and operation are very straightforward. The scope of delivery includes all connection accessories. Prerequisite for operation are the standard operating systems and browsers for PC, Smartphone or iPhone. All that is required for connection to the Internet is a service line in the house. The device is connected to the PC via the enclosed Ethernet cable and is detected by the Windows operating system. When the link to the Synco living plant is established, all settings are automatically adopted and made available online. Alarm reporting offers more security in the event of fault or unauthorized access to monitored rooms. In that case, the web server immediately sends alarm messages in the form of e-mails or SMS to up to four predefined recipients. Owing to favorably priced installation, operation with no extra charges for the Internet link and investment protection thanks to reliable alarm reporting, the web server also makes sense from an economical point of view.

Introduction made easy
To facilitate introduction to this system world, Siemens now launches a starter kit. It consists of a room unit and up to six radiator control actuators. The room unit is used to preselect the required temperature for two rooms via two 7-day time switches and allows selection of the required operating mode. The control actuators can be installed in two rooms each with its own temperature control. The complete starter kit operates wirelessly and is powered by commercially available batteries type AA, therefore ensuring low maintenance costs. It is switched on at the press of a button. A wide choice of radiator valve adapters is available. They make certain that the radiator control actuator can be fitted to most brands of valves, which means that they need not be replaced when installing the Synco living system. If the plant is extended at a later stage and connected to a central apartment unit, there is no need to change the control actuators.

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