i3DVR Secures Burger King

Founded in 1954, Burger King has more than 11,000 locations worldwide. It's one of the most successful quick service restaurants in North America. Needless to say their security has to be just as consistent as their burgers. BK didn't want the special sauce and extra cheese, BK needed a basic, yet stable and value added video security system.  

BK Canada had its way and chose i3 as the vendor of choice to provide them a complete DVMS.  Over the several years i3 and BK have partnered to design and implement a digital video solution in their Canadian locations. In the last 16 months over 120 systems have been installed with another roll out on the horizon.
The decision on selecting i3 as their vendor was based on pricing, national support and ease of use.  Much like BK, i3 can customize the product to fit the customer, but we can also be standard and basic to attain that simplicity that BK was looking for.

The reasons for the installation vary from food theft to robbery. However, BK has enjoyed many benefits of the technology in other applications. Management can now verify access policy is being adhered to and confirm opening and closing times. The can also monitor customer service and reviewing video has become part of the daily routine.

The typical installation has a total of 10 camera positions covering registers, dining rooms, parking lots, drive through, and major entrances. Restaurants with high food variances have 16 positions with extra coverage in the kitchen and prep areas.  Those with high instances incidents of robberies have extra coverage in guest areas and access points.
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