Environmental Monitoring, the Missing Link to a Complete Security System

Environmental Monitoring, the Missing Link to a Complete Security System

Winland Electronics offers a solution that effectively reduces false alarms from environmental factors.The majority of damage caused to property is not from break-ins, but rather environmental hazards. Security providers need to ask themselves what they are doing to protect customers from the potential dangers of water, temperature, humidity and other adverse environmental conditions.

Statistics from the Insurance Information Institute reports that the percentage of losses from environmental hazards is about seven times higher than that from theft.

If one looks at any facility  whether it is residential, commercial or industrial there are critical environments that should be monitored. Most security professionals do not recognize the opportunity to expand their business by integrating critical environmental monitoring as part of their security solutions. All of Winlandˇs products are designed to interface with any security panel, allowing security integrators to easily install products in existing or new security systems.

Watching Wares
The Winland Electronics EnviroAlert EA800 wireless environmental monitoring and data logging system helps food shops throughout the European Union meet Regulation 852/2004 of the European Parliament and the Council on Hygiene of Foodstuffs.

This regulation requires all food business operators to maintain a permanent procedure or procedures based on the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) principles. There are seven principles that are used to identify potential hazards and steps to eliminate or reduce these hazards by establishing limits, corrective actions and recording of critical information.

A potential hazard that is in every food shop is unsafe temperatures of storage coolers and freezers. This can result in costly losses of perishable food products or legal repercussions from customers consuming unsafe food.

The EA800 provides food shop owners an automated means of monitoring the temperatures of their coolers and freezers, as well as providing an automated log of the temperatures that is required by inspectors. There are many applications for the EA800, including in bakeries, restaurants, and food processing facilities.

The EA800 provides the flexibility to simultaneously monitor up to eight zones for temperature, humidity, water leakage and electrical contact, using up to four wired and four wireless sensors. Each sensor zone has a designated output relay that can be connected to any security panel, dialer or transmitter to activate an alarm when programmed limits have been exceeded.

The data log feature will date and time stamp sensor data, event and alarm history. The sensor data can be programmed to log from every 30 seconds to once an hour. This data is stored in the EA800 and can be transferred to a USB memory stick for viewing on a PC. A data template, which comes with the EA800, can be downloaded to a PC and allows the data to be viewed easily.

The EA800 can be installed quickly using wireless sensors, eliminating the need to run sensor wires back to the base unit. The applications are endless and can provide significant business growth, as well as providing a complete security solution for customers.

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