Retail Solutions from Milestone, Mirasys, Sensormatic and Axis

Milestone Systems: Easy, Effective Loss Prevention

Milestone's system offers integrated point-of-sale transaction information with video images of activities, giving clear evidence for resolving fraud, theft or shrinkage. Transaction data is time-linked and displayed simultaneously on screen with video of events for fast and easy search and investigation or live view. Remote access lets managers keep track from a central office or other retail location, when travelling or at home. Milestone XProtect software runs on standard computer hardware and networks and supports the widest choice in video cameras over 400 network models from more than 40 manufacturers. Retail integration is flexible and customizable with any POS or other transaction system, including product and employee data, and time attendance information. The system is used by supermarkets chains, gas stations, restaurants, banks, home furnishers, convenience stores, large department stores and shopping centers.

Mirasys: Upgraded and Improved Tools

Megapixel cameras can cover a larger area than analog cameras, while also providing superior image quality and digital zoom. The results show real forensic detail instead of blurred images. Built-in intelligence enables cameras to automatically detect and alert staff to concerns such as potential thefts and suspicious behavior. By taking advantage of common networking and camera technology, stores can achieve everything from lower total cost of ownership to higher resolution imagery that improves forensic evidence.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionality, which saves on installation costs, enables power to be provided to a network camera using the same cable as that used for network connection. Video surveillance software solutions can be easily updated or upgraded when new versions are available. This centralized function saves both cost and effort.

Sensormatic: Smart EAS

In a study released by Retail Systems Research, Winning Trends in Loss Prevention, 63 percent of retailers believe that if they could have better business intelligence to gather data from far-flung locations, they would be able to cut total expense and demonstrate ROI more quickly.

The exception-based reporting from Sensormatic SmartEAS pinpoints high risk or suspicious activities such as deactivations of products not labeled with EAS, late response to EAS alarms, and high inflow of customer traffic. Multiple levels allow retailers to drill down to event details and can be modular to customize to retailer requirements. Such intelligence allows retailers to manage operations more efficiently and effectively.

Axis Communications: Increasing Top Line Revenues

The field of applications for network video surveillance in retail is expanding. New applications for retail combine with high resolution cameras. Dwell time analysis and heat maps are used by retailers to evaluate and improve their merchandising and marketing activities. Dwell time refers to the time that a visitor spends in a particular location in a store. It is a metric that is used by both retailers and their suppliers to gauge the effectiveness of merchandizing displays.

Heat maps are used for traffic flow analysis to help the retailer understand how visitors navigate through the store. Video analytics can automatically provide a heat-map of the store, showing what parts of the shop experience significant customer traffic, and what parts have relatively less traffic. The information delivered by dwell time analysis or heat maps is useful for the retailer to optimize the planogram, i.e. the way how and where retail products should be displayed in order to increase customer purchases.

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