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ZKTeco access control system for Hong Kong surgery and endoscopy center

ZKTeco access control system for Hong Kong surgery and endoscopy center
In order to enhance Hong Kong's healthcare reputation and competitiveness, The Specialists has specific requirements for an access control system.
The Specialists Surgery and Endoscopy Center (referred to as "The Specialists"), established in 2006, is a specialized endoscopy center that provides professional and ethical medical services and introduces the latest medical technologies. Over the course of 10 years, The Specialists has developed into a comprehensive medical center occupying an area of 60,000 square feet in Grand Plaza, Hong Kong. The center is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including a Day-Case Endoscopy Center with 10 negative-pressure endoscopy rooms for day-case colonoscopy and gastroscopy, a Day-Case Surgery Center with 4 positive-pressure standardized operating theatres for day surgeries, and an Outpatient, Diagnostic Imaging and Health Check Center that offers a wide range of specialist consultations, diagnostic imaging services, and health checks.


Throughout the years, The Specialists has strived to maintain a superior level of service by employing qualified personnel, aiming to improve the reliability and expertise of medical assistance in the private healthcare sector. In order to enhance Hong Kong's healthcare reputation and competitiveness, The Specialists has specific requirements for an access control system:

A. Multiple access points

The Specialists is a large-scale medical center located in Grand Plaza, with a total of 145 access points spread across the 5th, 6th, and 20th floors. An effective access control system is needed to cover the different floors and numerous locations.

B. Different access control requirements

The medical center consists of various departments, each with its own functions and medical procedures. Access control permissions in specific areas may need to be adjusted over time. For example, certain areas may only allow authorized medical personnel during specific time periods, or access may be completely restricted during certain hours to ensure patient privacy and prevent disruptions to medical procedures.

C. Real-time monitoring of all access points

With 145 access points spread across three floors, relying solely on manual monitoring would require a significant investment of security resources, which may not be cost-effective. The Specialists requires a system that allows security personnel to conveniently and effectively monitor the access points, enabling them to promptly respond to any security incidents.

Solution details

ZKTeco provided an access control system consisting of 144 units of ProID 20BM RFID Card Readers, 1 unit of ProID 30BM RFID Card Readers, 37 units of InBio 460 Access Controllers and ZKBioSecurity Software. The readers are deployed in the various entrances of the secure area of the center, and are connected to the access controllers and centrally managed by ZKBioSecurity.

Convenient and quick access

Staffs are issued with their own staff cards, and they are required to scan their cards on the readers in order to obtain access to the secure areas. For the area requiring stricter access control, a ProID 30BM Card Reader is deployed, which combines card reading with a password function. In addition to card scanning, staff members are also required to enter a password to access these areas for enhanced security. The ProID series of card readers offer fast and convenient card reading and authorization, with a reading distance of up to 5cm and a reading speed of 0.3 seconds.

Effective access control management

ZKBioSecurity Access Control Management Platform is a powerful management software for access control. Its web-based nature offers numerous advantages.

Access control management anytime and anywhere

ZKBioSecurity is web-based, thus it is accessible through a web browser as long as it is connected to the Internet, and is not required to be installed on a fixed computer locally, which enables users to access the software and perform management of access control anytime and anywhere, and not restricted to any specific physical location or devices, significantly enhancing the convenience and flexibility of access control management.

Customized access control settings

As ZKBioSecurity enables global linkage, all readers and access controllers are centrally connected to and managed by the software. Users are enabled to use ZKBioSecurity's unified and user-friendly interface for configuring and managing access control settings across floors. The system enables multiple and customized access control settings based on areas, time zones and users. Some areas allow general access, where any staff member with a scanned staff card can gain entry. Other areas have restricted access during specific time ranges or are limited to specific employees. Hybrid access settings can also be configured, restricting access for certain employees during specific time periods.

Real-time monitoring

Under the global linkage, the access control data are synchronized to ZKBioSecurity, which logs every access control event, allowing administrators to view and manage these event logs to monitor the usage of the access control system. ZKBioSecurity also provides real-time access control monitoring, allowing administrators to monitor the status and usage of the access control system in real-time. They can check entry and exit information for access control areas and perform necessary operations to proactively manage access control.

Instant cancellation and modification of access rights

With the global linkage and centralized management of the system, it enables synchronization of data, and users are enabled to instantly configure and manage access control policies, user permissions, and device settings across multiple sites or locations for timely management of security events. For example, if a card is stolen are lost, administrators can quickly invalidate the lost card in the system to ensure that it can no longer be used for unauthorized access.

Scalability of system

Access control system with ZKBioSecurity is very scalable for enlargement and extension, as the software is web-based and supports global linkage. The entire access control system can be kept scaling up with more access control devices. In case there are more workplaces in the future with the need of access control systems, including card readers, biometrics identity authentication devices, or even video surveillance cameras, restoration of access control solution is not required. Instead, installing access control devices and connecting them to the ZKBioSecurity are available.

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