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Keops enhances customer experience with IP-based audio solution from Axis

Keops enhances customer experience with IP-based audio solution from Axis
Simple installation with central configuration and maintenance, and high flexibility with the ability to adjust audio zones and settings after installation.


Keops, an optician and eyewear chain, wanted an audio and music solution to improve the customer experience and increase sales in their shops. The audio solution should also help strengthen the Keops brand.


Media company Pinesker installed the Mediacone Music Solution for background music, including a network speaker from Axis, in one of Keops’ shops in Helsinki, Finland.


Keops now has a flexible system for music, with adjustable audio zones and settings, and central configuration and maintenance. The music and audio solution has helped strengthen the Keops brand through enhanced customer experience in the shop, and is expected to lead to increased sales.

Unique audio solution strengthens brand

The Finnish optical chain Keops sells designer eyewear and has shops in Helsinki, Tampere and Oulu. The customer experience in its shops should reflect the company’s high-class brand and image. Keops was looking for an audio and music solution that would enhance the overall experience for customers in the shop while also helping to build the optical chain’s brand. Keops wanted a package solution for background sound, with a musical experience that upheld the same high standard as the eyeglasses sold in the shops.

Good sound quality

Keops’ shops wanted a high-quality audio solution with calm, preferably instrumental, background music. Keops ordered the installation of the Mediacone Music Solution network audio system from Pinesker with a network-connected speaker from Axis. The Mediacone Music Solution enables tailored music, announcements, information and advertisements, with dynamic playlists that are automatically updated and have full flexibility for scheduled announcements. The playlists are tailored for each client in order to create a unique audio environment.

Seamless package solution

Network audio is part of Axis extensive offering of network-based products for business optimization. It provides added value to customers who want to integrate network-based business functions with an audio solution. One of the benefits of an IP-based audio solution is that different types of video analysis, or other functions, can be easily integrated with the audio solution.

One of the main areas for Axis audio products and solutions is background music, with preset volume and preset music selections. Customized music, tailored to the target audience and preferably combined with strategic speaker messages, can actively help customers make purchases. Axis network audio products can thereby help retailers build their brands, enhance the customer experience and increase sales. Another benefit of the Axis network audio solution is that it is a complete all-in-one solution. No additional hardware is required and it is easy to install, which saves time and money and reduces the need for technical expertise for fine-tuning. It takes up much less space than an analogue system. Fewer components also mean that it is more cost-effective.

Because Axis network audio system is based on an open standard, it can be easily integrated with other systems. Each speaker can be directly integrated with existing data networks and then managed remotely via a PC or laptop. Power over Ethernet means that only one cable per product is needed to supply the device with power and to transfer audio and data. It’s easy to add and remove speakers or other products when configuration is centrally managed. With central control, managing music is easy regardless of whether the system is implemented in just one shop or in multiple shops, offices or other premises.

Flexibility with multiple audio zones

Another key advantage of the Axis audio solution is audio zone division. If different audio zones are desired, for example in an office or a retail space, audio zones and volume settings can be easily adjusted remotely after installation. The music can be easily combined with scheduled announcements and shop messages in real time.

Simplicity in focus

The audio and music solution is carefully designed to match Keops’ brand image of high-quality products. Kari Asikainen, Keops Chain Manager, emphasises the high audio quality.

“Axis speakers have a sharp sound quality and a discreet design, and are very dependable and reliable,” says Asikainen. It is an easily accessible solution that does not make any major technical demands of the staff. “The application is very easy to use and the playlists are automatically updated, which is a big plus,” continues Asikainen.

Positive influences

Research has shown that consumer productivity, mood and behaviour are positively affected by music. Playing background music that reflects brand identity can significantly increase sales. Background music can prompt the visitors to stay longer, to buy more and to recommend. (Source: HUI Research: Musikens effekter pa konsumenternas beteende (“The Influence of Music on Consumer Behaviour”)).

Improved customer experience

So far, Keops has one speaker in one shop. The optical chain is very satisfied with their audio and music solution. Kari Asikainen thinks it is likely that Keops will have this type of audio and music solution installed in additional shops.

“Sound is an amazingly effective way to convey feelings,” says Asikainen. “The right music contributes to an enhanced experience for the customer and ultimately to increased sales.”

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