Astana Logistics Centre now protected by Apollo Fire Detectors

Astana Logistics Centre now protected by Apollo Fire Detectors
Kazakhstan has been at the center of international logistics ever since the times of the famous Silk Road more than 2,000 years ago, part of which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Today, modern logistics connect even the furthest corners of this large Asian country, the size of Western Europe, enabling the utilization of its vast mineral resources and enormous economic potential. Due to this, Kazak transport company LLP Continental Logistics is building a network of transportation and logistics centers across the country.

One of the first new logistics centers completed by Continental Logistics is in Astana, the capital city of Kazakhstan, which has seen rapid growth and development over the last few decades. Generally seen as a major architectural and engineering achievement, the logistics center is designed to offer all services required to coordinate the national and international movement of goods.

The problem

Covering 51 hectares, the logistics center includes a dry warehouse, a climate-controlled depot and a container yard, as well as a shopping center. An office complex and hotel are due to be built in the near future. The design of the fire safety system for such a large, wide-spread complex had to meet special conditions.

The solution

Kazak company Asia Techno Complect won the contract to design and install the fire safety system. They chose Apollo Fire detectors and sounders, and Kentec panels for the project.

The system design divided the logistics center into 35 fire zones, and Asia Techno Complect installed 1,400 smoke and heat detectors, and 12 panels. Modular interfaces were installed to control alarm signals, suppression systems and building ventilation in the event of a fire.

Apollo addressable beam detectors were used to protect vast open spaces within the logistics center.

The final verdict

Detectors from the Apollo Discovery range were chosen because Apollo products comply with international standards, are proven to be reliable and are easy to install

Product Adopted:
Passive Fire Safety

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