Senstar protects US headquarters of major international oil and gas company

Senstar protects US headquarters of major international oil and gas company
As a manufacturer of perimeter intrusion detection products, Senstar works closely with integrators and/or installers to plan, bid, install and maintain our systems to the highest standards.

To secure the 40,000 ft (7.57 mi) perimeter of the corporate campus for a major international oil and gas company, consisting of three different fence types and 40 gates, Senstar teamed up with integrator Kratos Public Safety and Security Solutions (PSS) and installer W-Industries. It was the first time the three companies had worked together.

“There are so many layers to a large perimeter security project that having the right team in place can make all the difference in its success or failure,” said Senstar’s Executive Director of Business Development Nancy Marshall. “Both Kratos PSS and W-Industries have excellent reputations in the industry, so I had no doubt we would make a great team and that this project would be a success.”

The oil and gas customer was no stranger to perimeter security with various sites in the U.S. and around the world using fence-mounted intrusion detection systems. However, the performance of those systems was not always up to the customer’s expectations, particularly in regard to the nuisance alarm rate (NAR). As a result, one of the primary goals for this project was to effectively address NAR, as well as meet other strict requirements.

 Senstar’s FiberPatrol fiber optic intrusion detection sensor checked all the boxes, offering the lowest NAR and highest Probability of detection (Pd) on the market, as well as:
  • Accurate location of intrusions, even when there are multiple simultaneous intrusions or in the presence of non-localized environmental noise that would overwhelm the location capability of other long-range fiber optic sensors, and;
  • Built-in cut immunity: Meaning when set up in cut immunity configuration, it continues to provide detection on the full perimeter after a cable cut, which, at the time of the project, none of the competition could offer.
FiberPatrol also passed the project’s mandatory penetration testing. Again, something none of the competition has yet accomplished.

FiberPatrol is now up and running at the campus on the perimeter fence and on all swinging gates. Senstar’s UltraWave microwave intrusion detection system is protecting the sliding gates. Following installation, the fence was tested for lifting the fabric, cutting the fence and climbing with a ladder on each zone. The systems detected everything.

“The project went incredibly smoothly,” said John Homman, Senior Account Manager — Energy at Kratos PSS. “I was very happy with the whole process.”

The oil and gas company’s management wanted to see for themselves the system’s functionality and, along with a Senstar engineer, did several tests to confirm the reliability of the application. FiberPatrol performed as expected and as promised.

“Senstar puts their customers first and that’s great for me because that is how I work,” said Paul Shkedy, Business Development Manager — Engineered Systems, at W-Industries. “Even when there were some issues Senstar was excellent. We had no problem getting replacement parts and requesting additional service.”

This project is a perfect example of how great teamwork can produce results and solve a customer’s problem. The system continues to operate smoothly and effectively.

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