iLockerz provides asset management solution to Siemens

iLockerz provides asset management solution to Siemens


iLockerz, sister company to global key and asset management solutions provider, Keytracker, recently provided an asset management solution to one of the world’s most recognized brands.

Siemens Lincoln supplies to the global oil, gas and power generation industry, and with a 135,000 sq.ft. facility seamless communications can be a challenge. To ensure the safety of their employees and operations on site run smoothly Siemens rely upon handheld radios to provide real-time communications between engineers and onsite managers.


The issues the manufacturing giant faced was the lack of control they had around the use of the radios. Multiple handsets were being signed out at a time, therefore making the audit procedure ineffective. Radios are an integral part of the communications process at the site and it is vital that they are readily available and fully charged as and when required.


The iLockerz team identified the need for a system that gave accountability to the assigned user, while ensuring that the solution was not obstructive or admin heavy. The system introduced by iLockerz provided the client with an intuitive user interface (UI), a secure locking system, a full audit trail and an integrated in-locker charging facility.

Matthew Hewson, facilities engineer at Siemens Lincoln said “The system has a clean and easy to use user interface”. The ease of use is one of the key features of the systems and is vital to ensure a smooth integration with existing systems and operations.

The iLockerz solution has saved Siemens both time wasted looking for missing radios, and the cost of replacing lost radios, and at almost £1000 per handset continual replacements can soon run into substantial figures.

The system installed works out at less than the price to replace the radios in use just once, and is modular allowing for additional radios to be secured by the system as and when they are purchased.

Hewson continues: “From the outset, iLockerz played an active role in specifying an asset management system that would suit our needs. Everything from identifying the correct size of cabinet prior to purchase to providing a range of RFID tags for us to try on our equipment after purchase was taken care of. Despite some teething problems caused by interference from our charging station, Ryan and the team were quick to provide a solution, and we are very happy with the end result. We will no doubt look at expanding the system in the future with further cabinets to house other valuable assets in the form of tooling and test equipment.”

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