Keytracker provides secure and efficient solution for TrustFord Belfast

Keytracker provides secure and efficient solution for TrustFord Belfast


Car dealer TrustFord Belfast had an outdated key management system that was no longer meeting their needs. They approached Keytracker to find a solution for securely and efficiently managing keys.


TrustFord Belfast were having issues with speedy identification of keys belonging to cars that were available to test drive - and keys belonging to cars in the service stages.

They also had a number of ‘rogue pegs’ that were from historic systems and not assigned to any member of staff, but could still be used to access vehicle keys from the existing system; an issue they identified as a risk within the dealership.


Keytracker worked alongside the team at TrustFord Belfast to understand their full requirement, together they agreed on a system that utilized a key management system for each part of the business that handles car keys both new, used and those in service. Through a simple color coding system it is now easy to identify if a vehicle is in service or available to test drive.

Ryan Cortney, Sales Manager at TrustFord Belfast said: “The systems work really well, we are now in complete control of every key on site, we know at a glance who has which key and if the car it belongs to is available to test drive.

“We chose to contact Keytracker because of its popularity, when we spoke to Charlotte she was very helpful and she came up with the suggestion to have a separate system for each department, which has proved a great way to manage the keys efficiently.

“The customer service was brilliant and the systems arrived extremely quickly.”

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