Honeywell implements advanced access control for Codelco Andina

Honeywell implements advanced access control for Codelco Andina


The Adina Division of Codelco, Chile's largest Copper mine, is located more than 3 thousand meters above sea level in the Region of Valparaiso. The operations combine open pit and underground mine. Currently this division carries out the exploitation of minerals in the Rio Blanco underground mine and in the South Sur open pit mine.

Until 2007, Codelco Division Andina (DAND) did not have a structured procedure for controlling access to the different areas in the mine. The manual procedure, with documentation and paper authorizations was very easy to falsify or duplicate.


Every day about 3000 people and 700 vehicles access different areas of the mine through the main entrance.

DAND wanted to improve security by installing an integrated security system that complied with regulatory requirements and internal rules. The system also had to be customizable and adaptable to specific DAND requirements. The modular, scalable, and safe platform needed to integrate with different technologies, platforms, and field devices used by DAND.

One of the most important aspect required by DAND was the ability to manage mobile devices that enabled the guards to verify the identity of the persons entering the site in vehicles, and ensure the right to entry to those persons and vehicles, complying with all the security, legal, and safety requirements of Codelco.


Honeywell supplied and installed the Enterprise Buildings Integrator (EBI) Temaline solution for Access control and Digital Video Manager (DVM) for video surveillance security and process monitoring, vehicles barriers with high speed long access tags, and LPR and traffic lights.

Mobile access readers with handheld devices were implemented with a custom application developed specifically to comply with DAND requirements. With these devices, the guards can review access permissions and check important data related to the cardholder.

To improve the speed and security in the buses used in worker transportation, Honeywell installed readers and controllers in each bus that would verify the identity and access permissions for each worker at the time of boarding the bus. The access controller communicates with the EBI system through the internet, giving Codelco the information of each access real time.

The handheld device can be used online or offline with the EBI system. If the offline handheld has collected new ingress or egress data, it transmits this information to EBI once it is online again. All the information is saved in the handheld and synchronized with EBI data every time any information is changed in the EBI database.

The handheld device enables cardholder identification with several technologies like RFID cards, 1D or 2D barcodes (QR, PDF417, and others) or manual input of the ID number.


  • Reduced the requirement for guard personnel
  • Active and registered workers can reach their job sites faster
  • Record available of all the persons in the site
  • Helps to ensure that all workers inside the site comply with legal and internal requirements
Convinced with the efficacy of EBI and DVM systems, Codelco went ahead with an upgrade of its EBI version to R430 improving benefits with the latest IT technology and security standards.


Implementation of this project enabled Codelco to migrate from a manual unsecure control to a high level technological solution.

Codelco reviewed the results in DAND and decided that the system was the first step to ensure basic safety for their sites, and is implementing the same securit solution with Honeywell in seven other Codelco sites over the next 10 years after the Division Andina implementation.

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