Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Sainte-Justine invests in Genetec platform

Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Sainte-Justine invests in Genetec platform

The company

In a 3 million square foot hospital, anything can happen. That’s why the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire (CHU) Sainte-Justine in Montreal, Canada, is ready to handle any situation. The CHU team stays one step ahead of incidents so that everything gets back to normal, fast. This ensures that each one of its 300,000 annual visitors and 10,000 staff always feel welcome and safe. When the CHU made plans to double the hospital’s size, management turned their attention to the limited security system.

The challenge

In the past, the Hospital had almost 100 surveillance cameras, but operators could only access a few from the main Security Operations Center (SOC). Security staff were also busy managing separate video, access control, and fire alarms systems. This made it difficult for the team to get a snapshot of what was happening around the hospital and to quickly respond. Thinking long-term, they wanted an open and scalable solution to easily manage devices and systems from anywhere in the growing hospital.


Today, the security guards at CHU use the Omnicast video surveillance system of Genetec's Security Center to manage over 800 cameras from four security control centers and other security desks. Thanks to the platform’s openness, the Hospital re-used its existing Panasonic analog cameras. The CHU also added another 600 Bosch IP cameras to their existing buildings and to the new hospital wing.

Now, no matter where guards are located, they can pull up video from any SOC or security desk and see what’s happening anywhere in the hospital. Two main control rooms can become a primary operation center for crisis management. According to Dr. Fabrice Brunet, President and CEO at CHUM-CHU Sainte-Justine. “The unified view can empower our operators to become more effective at their jobs. And that keeps everyone in our hospital safe.”

The Solution

Cost-Saving Flexibility

Security Center helped CHU minimize costs. The Hospital re-used its existing Panasonic analog cameras, taking advantage of the platform’s openness and support for a long list of devices.

Connected Hospital Campus

The Federation feature of Security Center connects the video systems from two main hospitals on campus. No matter where guards are located, the team is on the same page.

Emergency Room Monitoring

Doctors and nurses in the medical triage also have access to the IP video system. They’re able to keep an eye on crowds or spot patients who might need immediate medical attention.

Expansive Hospital Growth

Over time, the Hospital will look at integrating key tracking and fire alarm systems with Security Center, and upgrade its access control system to manage 900 doors from the platform.

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