China’s bottled-water brand “Nongfu Spring” chooses LEGIC’s technology

China’s bottled-water brand “Nongfu Spring” chooses LEGIC’s technology
LEGIC’s authorized partner - Hangzhou Doaron Technology (below referred as “Doaron”) has successfully installed a new “all-in-one card” project for one of China’s most valuable bottled-water brands “Nongfu Spring”, which is a win-win situation for LEGIC, our authorized partner and the end customer too.

“Nongfu Spring” is one of the top 20 brands in the Chinese beverage market, and has been a well-known brand all over China for many years. Regarding itself as “the Guardian of Nature”, “Nongfu Spring” always adheres to the "natural and healthy" product concept, the company does not use urban water sources for its bottled water or add any artificial minerals to the product. The company builds bottling plants, operates scale production, and bottles its water in China’s best eight high-quality water springs to ensure that the production process is completed directly at the source of the water, thus ensuring that every bottle of “Nongfu Spring” tastes "a little sweet" and is natural weak alkaline water, something that has many health benefits for the human body.

Not only ensuring the highest quality products, “Nongfu Spring” also imposes strict requirements on its company management, it is seeking the best solution with its all-in-one staff card, which combines functions such as access control, time attendance, vending etc., while also being very secure, flexible and reliable at the same time. Following many rounds of a competitive selection tendering process, LEGIC’s authorized partner, Doaron, finally convinced “Nongfu Spring” and was awarded with this project off the back of its credentials in this industry. “Nongfu Spring” and Doaron are both the leading companies in their respective fields, and both are coincidentally located in the city of Hangzhou, making even more sense for Doaron to provide technical service to “Nongfu Spring”.

Nongfu Spring's headquarters are located at No.181, Geyazhuang, Xihu District, Hangzhou, China. It is also the R&D center. Phase 1 of the building was completed in January 2017. The Phase 1 project includes 187 on-line access control spots, 6 electronic lock cores, 4 POS machines, 12 shuttle bus machines and over 2,000 individual LEGIC cards. Phase 2 of the building is currently under construction. They will consider introducing a uniform management system in all 8 of its bottling plants in China in the future.

Founded in 2008, Doaron focuses on in-depth research and development of the “all-in-one card” solution. It provides varied solutions by taking the customer’s needs for security, stability and flexibility into account. Today Doaron has become one of the best and most professional providers of smart card solutions on the Chinese market; the company is active in over 60 cities around China, serving the needs of more than 80,000 customers and has set up 25 service networks in 25 cities until now. Doaron’s R&D center is located in Hangzhou, while the company also has a technical service organization located in Beijing. Mr. Mai, the Doaron General Manager said,” Undoubtedly, LEGIC is a worldwide leading RFID technique provider, we chose to become LEGIC’s partner because, like us, it has been the most professional company in its respective industry for so many years, also because LEGIC’s ICs provide high security, significant flexibility and stability, as well as being very easy to integrate. We have meanwhile worked with LEGIC on numerous successful projects and have received the satisfaction and recognition of our end customers. Doaron will continue to work closely with LEGIC on further installations in the future!”

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