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Kaba Access secure locks for Starbucks

Kaba Access secure locks for Starbucks
To date—60 each E5051XSWL626 have been installed, with 30 more scheduled. The current plan is to replace the installed base of Alarm Lock with the E-Plex product.
The opportunity began with Jim Daniels calling on a local locksmith shop— Open Door Locksmith in Aptos, California to introduce them to the E-Plex product family of electronic locks. As it turns out, Chris Carpenter, owner of Open Door Locksmiths already had a contract with Clear Vision Facility Management. Clear Vision is a Facilities Management Provider with over 20 years of experience in the industry that specializes in door, glass and hardware maintenance for the retail and fast food industry. Clear Vision currently has a regional maintenance contract for Starbucks.

Over the years, these Starbucks facilities have had problems securing their restrooms to be used by employees and customers. In many locations the restrooms would be used by non-customers as well as the homeless for inappropriate activities. Issuing keys and maintaining mechanical keyed restroom locks have been a costly challenge. The keys were typically lost or stolen which required the cylinders to be rekeyed, or having the locks replaced, as well as any repairs that maybe required to the bathroom(s). Providing a safe secure restroom facility had become an expensive and inconvenient proposition for Starbucks in many locations.

A couple of years ago, Chris [owner—Open Door] introduced Alarm Locks DL4100 privacy cylindrical lockset as a solution. It was adopted and used with limited success. The Alarm Lock product did not resolve the issues or provide cost savings to Starbucks, the FMP and/or installer due to; 1. Installation—the Alarm Lock product was time consuming. 2. The customers found the privacy button not easily visible—the average person is use to working with a thumbturn to activate the privacy function versus activating a button, which created some confusion. 3. As a result of call backs related to product failure and operator error—the Alarm Lock product did not create savings. Therefore the Alarm Lock product did not meet the customer’s objectives, and in several locations—Open Door Locksmith went back to mechanical locks and keys.

When Jim Daniels presented the E5000 to Open Door Locksmith, the light went on for Chris that the E5051 product was the answer for this application. Features such as; easy installation, no wires through the door, no time limit on the privacy use, Grade 1 certification with 300 service code capability made this lock the perfect solution.

The next step was to request and install a “Try Me Lock” E5051XSWL626 lock. The lock was installed and programmed by a technician from Open Door. The initial try me lock is still installed and going strong. The feedback from all decision makers was easy to install, program and use, durable and reliable. Their were suggestions for improvements, the interior signage on how to engage the privacy operation needed to be updated. Bob Carr and Jim Daniels worked with our marketing department to redesign the signage to make it more suitable for high use public facilities where multiple language and maintenance issues had to be addressed.

With signage being redesigned, Jim Daniels and Bob Carr worked with Open Door Locksmith to develop a “solutions presentation” that included a strategy for Clear Vision and Starbucks to upgrade from the Alarm Lock product to the E-Plex E5051 privacy lock. The presentation was simple and touched on the following points that were important to Clear Vision and Starbucks:
  1. Dependable partners throughout the supply chain. (Critical in the lost prevention, FSO business).
  2. A dependable and reliable product that reduces cost by avoiding call backs and down time.
  3. A supplier committed to their needs by working with them in a timely manner to provide proper signage in English, Spanish and French with graphics.
  4. One of the most important part if not the major reason for securing this project was the capability of the E5000 using service codes and how the sales team worked with the suppliers to secure the project by providing a perceived customization to the customer. With three-hundred (300) available codes, the individual store was offered an option on how the lock can be programmed for their individual application. A. Pre-set the lock with 299 service codes with 18 to 24 hour durations and one manager code. This would allow them to have a new code daily or weekly. B. Preprogram the lock with 2 codes, one access code and one manager’s code and provide detail instructions on how to add and delete users. Per Jim Daniels, most of the retail outlets have opted to go with option b.
  5. A customized service code chart and a franchise owner quick start card to support the above option.
  6. Clear Vision adopted the plan with the approval of Starbucks regional office, and began the changeover.

To date—60 each E5051XSWL626 have been installed, with 30 more scheduled. The current plan is to replace the installed base of Alarm Lock with the E-Plex product. The best part is no call backs. As a result of having the right product used, properly trained installers and programmers.

This plan works for Starbucks and should work for any fast food environment where restroom access is subject to costly abuse and or misuse. Two hundred-ninety nine (299) Service codes with 18 to 24 hour duration and one permanent code seem to keep the restroom always in use. If all else fails or all 299 service codes are used, the permanent code becomes important until new codes can be introduced. Standard signage is designed for easy visual recognition, and frequent cleaning if necessary. Kaba’s current EP 300 software is equipped with a random combination generator, so the Service Code task to program the locks is simple and quick.

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