Medical device and data management solutions provider selects BIO-key to secure sign-in and e-signatures

Medical device and data management solutions provider selects BIO-key to secure sign-in and e-signatures
BIO-key International, an innovative provider of biometric software and hardware solutions for strong and convenient user authentication, reported it has been selected by a global medical device and data management solutions provider to increase the authentication security and operational efficiency of system sign-in and digital e-signatures throughout their manufacturing process. The company has over 25,000 employees and serves customers in more than 100 countries.

BIO-key’s ID Director for Windows integrates biometric sign-in so users can quickly and securely access desktops and manufacturing systems on any authorized PC across the network. By adding biometrics to enterprise authentication, organizations can reduce the threat of shared or stolen passwords while significantly reducing the number of spontaneous password resets which average 33% of all help desk calls. Reducing the frequency of organization-wide password resets enhances workplace productivity and reduces administration expense while reducing unnecessary interruptions in business processes.

The customer also recognized that BIO-key’s biometric “single-sign-on” functionality could be used to substantially increase the speed and security of e-signature approvals within their manufacturing process. On average, a single manufacturing unit may require over 30 e-signatures throughout assembly and quality assurance. Reducing the e-signature workflow down to just a few seconds allows operators and supervisors to save hours of production time over the course of a year, while also delivering enhanced authentication traceability and accountability throughout the manufacturing quality control process.

BIO-key’s line of compact fingerprint readers as well as interoperable support for third-party fingerprint devices ensures that the customer will be able to leverage ID Director for Windows across a wide variety of current and future use-cases requiring strong authentication.

“With the vast majority of businesses operating on Windows 7, 8.1 or 10, BIO-key has invested significant resources to ensure that our biometric authentication solutions integrate seamlessly with these platforms,” stated Barbara Rivera, Chief Operating Officer. “What makes this use case special, but not unique, is that the customer quickly recognized the opportunity for expanded utilization of biometrics within their organization. Additionally, our interoperable capabilities and commitment to support provided the trust and assurance that BIO-key would future proof their biometric security platform and protect their technology investment.”

“Ironically many customers contact BIO-key to address a specific security challenge due to a compelling event. Increasingly, after deploying our technology to address a specific need, we are able to work with customers to identify other compelling use cases. A traditional deployment that might just involve device sign-in, can escalate to the customer wanting to add a layer of biometric sign-in to Active Directory or to use BIO-key software and hardware to sign into their enterprise applications,” added Rivera

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