Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago and its customers rely on Aimetis

Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago and its customers rely on Aimetis

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Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT) is the national leader telecom provider in Trinidad and Tobago. TSTT maintains the largest wireless and fiber optic deployments around the country servicing customers in the finance, energy, government, manufacturing, healthcare, and tourism sectors. TSTT’s most recognizable divisions is bmobile, which offers mobile, internet, TV, security, and home phone services across the country.

TSTT is also the largest provider of corporate security system integration and monitoring, servicing 15,000 customers across Trinidad and Tobago.


Vandalism and sabotage costs TSTT $20 million annually. TSTT was faced with providing costly 24/7 security personnel to monitor the site on the ground to protect their property and assets. As the largest system integrator of security solutions in Trinidad and Tobago, TSTT also needed to offer a comprehensive and reliable video surveillance solution portfolio to their business clients that range from government departments to resorts and manufacturing facilities.

Easy to use video management software helps TSTT combat costly vandalism

Aimetis Symphony video management software (VMS) was the intuitive, easy to use solution that helped TSTT manage a complex network of multiple sites. Aimetis’ suite of video analytics also gave TSTT the tools to proactively protect isolated and urban sites from vandalism.

“We used to suffer from a lot of cable vandalism and sabotage to our sites, which cost the company about $20 million annually,” said Darryl Duke, Senior Manager, Government, Security, and Directory Business at TSTT.

TSTT needed a comprehensive alarm intrusion video surveillance system that could actively monitor their sites. For this, TSTT turned to Aimetis Symphony and video analytics, such as motion detection and outdoor people and vehicle tracking, to stop the destruction of property before it happened.

”Via the use of alarm intrusion, CCTV, and other electronic solutions, we were able to reduce these losses to less than $100,000 per year,” continued Duke. This decrease in vandalism resulted in an annual cost reduction of 99.5%.

Embedded video analytics improve response rate and save money

Not only did the losses due to vandalism fall, but through the implementation of video analytics, TSTT was able to remove the use of 24/7 security at some outlying locations. Video analytics allow security staff to respond to alarms as opposed to having personnel on site all day, every day.

Success results in Aimetis becoming preferred solution for TSTT corporate security customers
TSTT found so much success with Aimetis that they decided to make Aimetis solutions a focused offering for their corporate security clients under the bmobile Security Solutions business.

“We liked Aimetis so much, the technology, the scalability, the ease of use, and the support, that we decided to make it a bestseller for all major corporate customers,” said Duke when discussing TSTT’s security monitoring services.

Duke continued to emphasize the value of Aimetis’ technology and pricing for TSTT by saying, “Analytics are key. That is really the differentiator between me and my other competitors in the industry. With Aimetis, their pricing structure has made it very affordable for our major corporate customers and they are seeing the benefits of it.”

As the premier telecom provider in Trinidad and Tobago, and having 15,000 corporate security customers, system stability and reliability was of the utmost importance. TSTT leverages built-in VMS, server, and storage failover to ensure nothing stops the ongoing protection of assets. In case an issue does arise, TSTT rests easy knowing that help is easily accessible with the help of the Aimetis Maintenance & Support program.

“If we ever need any support it’s always just a phone call away despite whatever the time or day it is,” Duke said when discussing Aimetis support.

With an easy to use video management system and powerful embedded video analytics, TSTT saved money and resources.

Aimetis Symphony and its suite of native video analytics delivers reliable and accurate performance to help ensure companies can achieve their security goals.

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