Milestone IP Video, Worknet Analytics deployed in 'smart' digital billboards

Milestone IP Video, Worknet Analytics deployed in 'smart' digital billboards

The Challenge

General Motors (GM) was seeking a new way to reach potential buyers and highlight the key features of its new Chevy Malibu. To find a solution, GM worked with Posterscope USA Out-of-Home Specialist and Lamar Advertising, one of the largest outdoor advertising companies in North America. With more than 325,000 displays—2,400 of them large format digital billboards—Lamar is constantly looking for new ways for clients like GM to amplify their campaigns.

Lamar Advertising wanted to create a campaign for GM that maximized the flexibility and creativity that digital billboards provide. Lamar’s Director of Digital Innovation and Sales Strategy, Ian Dallimore, was inspired by a campaign for Porsche in Australia. It utilized open platform video technology to identify incoming vehicles and trigger targeted content to those vehicles within seconds.

The Solution

To create the solution, Dallimore worked with Worknet Analytics, the video analytics integrator that created the solution used for the Porsche campaign in Australia, as well as a similar campaign for Lexus in New Zealand. The solution includes Canon VB-H43 network cameras mounted on another Lamar billboard about 1,000 feet ahead of the digital billboard. This allows enough time for the data to be transmitted, a new targeted image to be delivered and time for the driver to look, read and pass it.

The cameras feed into Milestone XProtect Corporate video management software (VMS), which has an open platform that enables interoperability with other systems. Worknet Analytics’ solution integrates the VMS with proprietary analytics for car recognition that matches vehicles against a database of those with the same make and model.


The custom-built solution immediately recognizes the target audience based on their vehicles and delivers custom billboard advertisements accordingly. The Canon network cameras can be remotely operated and provide high-resolution images of the cars. The Milestone VMS is able to manage different video data streams and resolutions without delays or technical difficulties, ensuring targeted messages are viewable on the digital billboards when the intended audience drives by

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