SiB Sports facilities achieves transparency on occupancy with Axis

SiB Sports facilities achieves transparency on occupancy with Axis


A solution that enables improved capacity utilization for six sports/athletics facilities by providing transparency to its members on hourly occupancy levels at each location and average numbers of visitors.


SiB’s services are in great demand and nearly 90 percent of all students take the opportunity to utilize the services at least once during their student years. The sports facilities of SiB are very popular and the six gym locations SiB has around the city of Bergen are busy at all hours of the day. “We have been growing to six locations, but with the steady increase of students we were not able to expand at the rate to meet the ever growing need for additional floor space, work out machines, and free weights. Seeing students have quite flexible schedules, I was contemplating how to steer visitor flow over the course of the day and between facilities and I drew the conclusion that what it boiled down to was transparency of facility utilization to SiB members,” said Olav Handeland, Department and Technical Manager at SiB Sports.

After thorough research, SiB decided to implement AXIS Occupancy Estimator on AXIS M3005-V Network Cameras. In addition to providing the number of visitors at a desired time interval, AXIS Occupancy Estimator outputs the estimated average numbers of visitors and their average visit time. The captured information is presented in reporting system and in the case of SiB, and displayed through various media.


The whole process of finding a suitable solution to the challenge, vendor selection, and implementation took but a few months. SiB are contemplating enhancing the current functionality of reporting system by adding Google graphs and in that context Axis Communications' open API is considered a great feature.
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