Videotec's camera helps in strictly regulated cannabis industry

Videotec's camera helps in strictly regulated cannabis industry
Reports say that cannabis is a major economic driver and job-creation engine for the U.S. economy. The legal cannabis market, whether for medical or recreational use, was worth an estimated $7.2 billion in 2016. By 2020 the legal cannabis market will create more than a quarter of a million jobs, more than manufacturing. Numbers are growing in the U.S., as it is worldwide.

Currently, 28 states have legalized – or broadly legalized – marijuana creating tens of thousands of jobs in the process. Regulatory measures are an ongoing debate in the acceptance of legalization.

While the states figure it out, Security Grade Protective Services is securing their place as industry experts. Security Grade Protective Services offers consultation and protective services for cannabis dispensaries and grow operations. Based in Denver, CO, the Security Grade team provides a full suite of security services tailored to the cannabis industry, including video security systems that meet or exceed Marijuana Enforcement Division regulations (MED).


For one cannabis manufacturing facility in Colorado, SGPS needed to design and supply a security system that met all regulatory requirements to monitor the hazardous environment of the extraction labs.

Butane is a solvent-based extraction method and is the most favorable, most efficient, safest and cleanest method to remove THC (the active substance) from the marijuana plants, providing the highest yields, allowing for the widest range of consumable products.

However Butane is flammable and explosive and the extractions operations must be safely performed in a ventilated environment. Due to gas exposure, these hazardous extraction rooms must comply with codes and demand a safe, explosion proof environment, eliminating potential for ignition from the vapors.


SGPS ran across VIDEOTEC’s MAXIMUS MVX range of fixed cameras for hazardous environments at ISC West in 2016 when they made their debut in North America. Their form factor was compact, the hazardous protections and certified ratings met their needs, and the price point reflected their value.

Being a flammable vapor with relatively low pressure, butane is covered by VIDEOTEC’s ATEX, IECEx and North American ETL certification for hazardous environments. The build of material for Videotec’s solution was simple: 1 camera with pre-assembled cable tail, 1 camera mount and 1 cable gland.


SGPS was thoroughly impressed with the look and cleanliness of the MVX and its installation. In addition to image quality, the benefit of VIDEOTEC’s MVX solution was a cost savings in both saved time and money, not having to seek out conduits and glands. David Beckett, Partner/VP of Operations of SGPS, is an industry expert who speaks at events attended by the National Cannabis Industry. He commented about the solution, "The install went smoothly, cameras are working perfect and have a great picture. My client is super impressed with them. We will definitely be using these going forward for any and all extraction facilities we install."

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