Italian solar plant secures premises with Axis network cameras

Italian solar plant secures premises with Axis network cameras
The Italian energy company Solesa built a solar field in Poirino, Italy and needed to protect the field from theft and vandalism; this required 24/7 surveillance. The solar field needed monitoring both along the perimeter and within the compound. Normal surveillance cameras would not work very well because the cameras’ light source would affect the performance of the solar panels. The solution consisted of Axis Communications network cameras, specifically AXIS Q1921-E Thermal Network camera.

Thermal cameras were originally designed for military purposes; they can “see” in the dark without using an external light source. The cameras detect the heat released by all kinds of living creatures, human or animal, and can thus determine whether someone has entered the perimeter. If the alarm is activated, another camera with an external light source will be activated, while security guards are alerted to investigate the potential incident.

With thermal cameras from Axis, Solesa can protect the solar plant from vandalism and attempted theft, even in complete darkness or in poor visibility during bad weather.

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