Adidas solved the conflict between security and design with Nedap

Adidas solved the conflict between security and design with Nedap
From humble beginnings in 1920, the Adidas brand has become one of the most influential sports brands in the world. From an initial goal of providing athletes with the best footwear, Adidas has stayed focused and consistent with the provision of the highest quality equipment to some of the world’s best superstars including Lionel Messi, David Beckham and Derrick Rose.

Customer Challenge

Adidas was looking for a solution that could solve the conflict between security and design because adidas did not want to install typical antennas in their flagship store in Madrid. Due to the design and layout of the interior, finding a suitable secure solution that would not interfere with visitors experience was very important.

Nedap Solution

Adidas found a good solution with the iD Top from Nedap, which is installed at the ceiling of the two entrances. The concealed RFID reader combines excellent detection performance with the smallest possible impact on adidas’s store design.

”When customers enter the store, there should be no physical barrier blocking the entrance. In order to get a good looking store and a open entrance, the iD Top is a very good solution," said David Sancho Garcia, Store Developement Manager at Adidas.

Product Adopted:
Wireless Transmission
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