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Per Mar adopts AES for alarm monitoring

Per Mar adopts AES for alarm monitoring

Customer profile

Per Mar Security Services is a full-service security solution provider and an installer of security services. Per Mar corporate offices are located in Davenport, IA where founders John & Eleanor Duffy started the company over 60 years ago. Today, Per Mar is a successful multi-million dollar enterprise, and the largest family owned full service security company in the Midwest, serving over 35,000 customers spanning across 20+ locations. Their suite of products and services include security solutions for your business, home, event and background investigations. Per Mar is a member of CSAA, NetOne, and NFPA as well as many other community, state, national and international professional affiliations.


Per Mar first adopted using AES-IntelliNet patented mesh radio technology in 2007 when Analog radios were phasing out and moving to GSM (2G) radios. The company chose AES Corporation for a long term solution to avoid having to upgrade systems and replace units every seven years or so. During initial rollout to all branch locations, Per Mar quickly discovered that the footprint of customers that needed Analog radios replaced was too widespread. They then scaled back to just two branches, Quad Cities on the border of IA & IL and Rockford, IL. These two locations had the largest density of existing customers with Analog radios that needed to be replaced. Over the course of eight years, the two branches each expanded their AES network. With the announcement of the 2G Sunset in 2015, Per Mar looked at their Customer base that had 2G radios that needed to be replaced and decided to add AES technology at four additional branches (in Cedar Rapids, IA; Des Moines, IA; Madison, WI; and South Bend, IN). Over the past year, these six branches have been continuing to grow their AES network in their respective areas mostly just from replacing 2G radios with AES radios. Per Mar’s goal was to be proactive and get the bulk of their 2G radios replaced by the end of 2015 to avoid rushing to get them all replaced by the 2G sunset in 2016. The majority of their AES growth has stemmed from either Analog or 2G radio replacements. The challenge now is to convert customers that have Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) lines to mesh radio technology and avoid any issues with those accounts.


“While other alternatives have their advantages, AES has worked well for customers that have monitoring of an alarm panel - most importantly, commercial Fire accounts. With traditional phone lines becoming more of a problem with customers or providers switching to Voice over IP (VoIP), we have been able to come in with AES to eliminate the phone line(s) from being an issue.”

- Evan Bailey, Manager of Technical Services, Per Mar Security Services

In September 2016, Per Mar experienced some flooding in Central Iowa threatening their office in Cedar Rapids. They made the decision to move out of the building and put up three to four feet of sandbags around the structure to keep the water out. Back in 2008, prior to having AES installed at that branch, they were in a similar situation, but the building ended up being a total loss of property. This time around, they were better prepared to deal with the flooding emergency. After the river crested and the water receded, there was no damage to the office. Per Mar has a pair of two IP Links installed at each branch location. Since the company had to evacuate the building and relocate to a secure temporary office space at a local community college, they were able to move the IP Links one at a time to the temporary location. The AES radios did exactly what they are supposed to do and rerouted themselves to the new locations of the IP Links, allowing Per Mar to maintain their network without a disruption in service.


Per Mar moved the IP Links back to their original branch locations, again one at a time, and the AES subscribers were able to automatically re-route themselves. Their AES network continued operating at optimum performance during the flood crisis.


With AES technology, Per Mar has been able to reduce return service calls for Comm Fail related issues caused by either Cellular or POTS line service provider. Not having to pay a third party monthly fee has also been a significant cost savings for the company.

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