Videotec chosen to monitor a strategic bridge in Kuwait

Videotec chosen to monitor a strategic bridge in Kuwait
The Doha Link Bridge is part of an important project that is building new, strategic motorway links in order to encourage the development of Kuwait. This bridge is around 13 km long and passes Kuwait bay, linking the port of Shuwaikh and the motorway at Doha, in the Jahra region of the country.

The need for a surveillance system for work sites on, and the areas adjacent to, the new Doha Link bridge has required the careful selection of a camera that is characterised as being efficient, reliable and able to operate perfectly when faced with innumerable critical environmental factors.

The delicate task of monitoring the Doha Link bridge has been entrusted to Videotec’s own ULISSE COMPACT HD (UCHD) camera. The reason for this is the camera’s robustness and resistance to aggressive environmental conditions. This is guaranteed by Videotec, with the powerful PTZ having proven its worth in field tests.

The main issues that face the UCHD camera on this particular job relate largely to the critical, hard environmental conditions that exist in this region. The list includes marine corrosion, strong, sand-filled winds and the highly elevated temperatures that are typical here. In addition, the cameras have been installed on top of a tall pole; this allows the widest-possible panoramic view of the bridge but also exposes the PTZ cameras to vibrations caused by strong gusts of wind and sand. This risks the camera being shaken, either changing its position or blurring the image.

Despite the various obstacles faced, the UCHD cameras are able to guarantee maximum positioning accuracy in winds up to 210 kph (130 mph) and can record good, HD images – even long-distance – in all weather conditions. The choice of a system with a built-in wiper was vital in order to make sure that the glass is always completely clear of dust, without the need for maintenance atop the pole. As well as this, the UCHD’s sophisticated temperature control guarantees an ideal operating temperature for the camera, even when the external temperature spikes to as much as 65°C.

Management and control of the system is done completely via Ethernet network, with Full HD 1080p images, at 60 pfs, reaching the control room in real time with H.264-AVC compression. Via IP, the UCHD cameras respond to the pan, tilt and zoom (30x) commands from the remote keyboard without delay.

The ULISSE COMPACT PTZ HD camera, with its high operating performance level, met the requirements of the task in Kuwait fully because it was developed by Videotec to deal with the diverse external, critical factors perfectly. It is, therefore, the ideal solution for even the most demanding surveillance applications.

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