Axis deployed in mobile video surveillance command center

Axis deployed in mobile video surveillance command center
Intelligent Security Integration was looking to create a Mobile CCTV Command Center – a van-based command center that required the latest video surveillance and communications technology to create remote area video surveillance for events and outdoor locations, with rapid deployment capabilities.

The story of the mobile CCTV Command Center started back in 2008 on a trip to the UK for ISI’s Managing Director, Steve Bell, where he saw many mobile video surveillance vehicles operating. As a technician saw the opportunity to bring the product to the Australian market and meet the needs of mobile and rapid deployment video surveillance here.

Steve talks about how the development process happened, “We knew we needed a vehicle that anyone could drive so we chose the largest vehicle available on a regular drivers license. Once we had the suitable vehicle we set about kitting it out with the most reliable and state of the art camera equipment – which is why we came to Axis.”

A complete end-to-end solution from Axis Communications was the answer. Including network cameras, horn speaker and video recorder loaded with Axis Camera Station, the van was equipped to rapidly respond to any need for mobile and remote area video surveillance.

The ISI mobile CCTV Command Center has: eight roofmounted HD cameras providing 360-degree visibility with either stationary or mobile recording capabilities; eight rapidly deployed HD cameras with GPS, 4G and point-to-point transmission options and two-week battery life; a 12.5 aluminum telescopic mast with a pair of 180-degree fixed HD cameras and one long range IR PTZ camera, ideal for perimeter protection.

Providing additional support for operations are: seven HD crowd controller body cameras with live streaming capabilities, an IP 2-way PA systems an onboard UHF2 way radio system with multiple handsets; five outdoor PoE network horn speakers to provide clear, long range remote communication to video surveillance applications.

Inside the MCCC is a full control room with two workstations and an observation area. Cameras are managed using Axis’ flexible Camera Station software, which includes video content analytics. Video streams are monitored on six 21-inch HD LCD monitors and a pair of 28-inch 4K LCD monitors.

Live event and incident management
There’s live streaming for event and incident management and a full onboard recording system for investigations. The unit has GPS tracking and remote viewing can be undertaken through the cloud, as well as at the MCCC. The MCCC has a generator, giving it a standalone power source and there are mains capabilities and integrated battery backup with solar support, giving 24 hours of operation without mains or generator.

Steve continued, “We chose to partner with Axis as it is the top end of the market. The service is highly professional with superior expertise and support. With Axis, even the sales people are highly knowledgeable and technical which makes a big difference when deciding what solution to go for. Axis is a great fit for any company who needs that higher level of technicality and service.”

“Axis products are so versatile and everything is so flexible – open platform and works with anything. It future proofs any new client’s installation or thinking, as anything that comes along in the future can integrate so seamlessly."

The finished unit was unveiled at the Security Expo in Melbourne in July 2016 it received huge amounts of attention. As a result of the performance and versatility demonstrated, ISI was approached by a number of government departments and event organizations.

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