Coffee manufacturer records burglar on video after upgrading to IP video

Coffee manufacturer records burglar on video after upgrading to IP video
Portland Roasting Coffee is a reputable manufacturer and retailer of gourmet coffee headquartered in Southeast Portland, Oregon. Prior to partnering with, Portland Roasting guarded its 20,000 square foot manufacturing facility with a video surveillance video surveillance system. Unfortunately, the video surveillance system previously in place failed to properly record video during two previous break-ins and was mediocre at best. During the burglaries, the thieves were able to dislodge and disconnect of the cameras, rendering them useless.

An IP HD camera system is the recommended remedy
The number of problems with the video surveillance cameras marked the need for a modernized video surveillance solution. Owner Mark Stell began searching for a seasoned video surveillance integrator to revamp the company’s video surveillance camera system and give them full access to the cameras without needing a service provider to manage everything.

Stell contacted and was immediately satisfied with the consulting he received. The project consultants at evaluated Portland Roasting’s current security camera system and its defects. Part of the auditing process included an on-site security assessment of its property. Once the site was reviewed, the project consultants determined that Portland Roasting would benefit from an HD IP camera system as opposed to older video surveillance technology. In addition to a plan centered on IP video migration, recommended surveillance cameras featuring 1080 high-definition (HD) resolution. HD video resolution would provide the level of detail needed to capture quality evidence if Portland Roasting was broken into again.

To implement this change, designed a facility-wide IP camera system featuring a video encoder and Milestone NVR. The new system was designed to give Portland Roasting the ability to control the features of its video surveillance system without having to depend on a rental service.

Updated system showcases Optica cameras and Milestone software
A video encoder, Milestone video management software, and a Milestone XProtect NVR were the central components of the IP camera system. The video encoder made it possible for the previous video surveillance system to be integrated with the new network video system, which in turn enabled Portland Roasting to retain its video surveillance cameras in the process.
The IP camera system featured a combination of PTZ and fixed IP HD cameras. recommended Optica’s D224M and D204M dome surveillance cameras to amplify image quality and provide better coverage of its SE building. Optica’s premier network cameras were engineered to deliver the following:
  • Full 1080p HD resolution for clear, extremely detailed pictures
  • Wide dynamic range to lessen overexposure effects of poor lighting
  • Vandal-proof design to withstand physical damage
  • Vertical view mode to maximize recording of vertical scenes
The updated IP camera system was also outfitted with Milestone XProtect software, a groundbreaking platform to effortlessly view, manage, and record surveillance video. Milestone software was built with a multitude of high-grade features aimed at improving security such as an interactive map to manage camera views, remote response, motion detection, a video archive for easy playback, a smart search feature for easy-to-grab video footage, and the ability to send video or image evidence via email or MMS. The free Milestone Mobile app provided a comprehensive view of the facility, which enabled Stell and his operations manager to see several cameras at once on a smartphone or tablet.

Configuration, set-up provided
The technical support team at provided integration and set-up support to Portland Roasting. An 8-channel VIVOTEK video encoder was installed to switch the company’s video surveillance cameras over to the new Milestone server.

Included with all system designs, performed a series of tests on the IP cameras to make sure they were functioning at peak performance. “Tech support has really done a good job with everything,” Stell recalled when asked about his experience working with the con¬figuration specialists. performed the analog-to-IP video migration and installed the Milestone server. Portland Roasting also received end-user training to search and review video with Milestone’s NVR, video management software, and mobile monitoring application. Lastly, the tech support team con¬figured recording and image settings to deliver high-quality video.

Surveillance system captures robbery on video
Just weeks after the installation of the new cameras and migration from video surveillance to IP video, Portland Roasting was burglarized by a thief disguised as an IT worker. The burglar stole over $7,000 in equipment from Portland Roasting’s facility, and managed to disconnect one of the older analog cameras. The new HD Optica cameras recorded the entire incident on camera. Video recorded of the thief clearly showed his facial features, body type, and evidence of what he stole from Portland Roasting. Video evidence was then downloaded and sent to the Portland Police who began investigating the case.

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