Anviz provides time and attendance at Porrua Library

Anviz provides time and attendance at Porrua Library
With a national presence in Mexico and over 80 locations in 31 states, Porrua Library is the Mexican largest library, which set out to improve its employee time and attendance system. The company sought to improve an automated process that would eliminate weaknesses inherent in the existing method and that would help achieve management goals.

With nearly 800 employees on payroll, the company needed to retool its employee time and attendance system in order to:
  • Improve management of employee time
  • Capture accurate employee time and attendance data
  • Increase efficiency of payroll administration
  • Reduce time and tasks store managers devoted to preprocessing payroll
  • Prevent employees from "clocking-in" early
  • Eliminate the act of "buddy-punching" (employees punching-in for tardy or absent co-workers)
  • Enable more efficient scheduling

Fingerprint EP300 time and attendance from Anviz was implemented at Porrua library. The system features an exclusive fingerprint identification engine, a biometric data-collection device mounted on walls at offices of each store manager. Employees enroll in the system by providing fingerprint samples, which are converted into algorithms and stored in a database for comparison. With one finger-tap on a digital sensor, the system attempts a match to authenticate employee’s identities as it logs in precise arrival and departure times.

Fingerprint EP300 from Anviz allows companies to set-up specific parameters such as employee schedules, pay policies, pre-populated holidays, etc., all of which can be compiled in detailed management reports.And, the application provides seamless integration with leading payroll and accounting packages.

Tracking time and attendance of nearly 800 employees provides superior security, accuracy, and efficiency; improved employee accountability and productivity; and reduced payroll costs.

The system fully-automated the tracking of employee hours and streamlined the payroll administration process. Its application of biometric recognition technology enabled the capacity to "know" employees and their work schedules. For example, managers could pre-program shifts, restricting employee "log-ins" to within a few minutes window from the assigned start time. In addition to eliminating the issue of early-arrivals, it also prevented other forms of time-fraud, such as buddy-punching and red-flagged questionable entries, allowing administrators to reconcile and/or modify the data. It enabled store managers to concentrate on the core business by removing the time-consuming tasks associated with preprocessing payroll and, in doing so, eliminated human errors from the process.EP300 from Anviz provides a cost-effective approach for managing employee time and attendance.

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