Tekno System used to monitor semi-submersible rig in Brazil

Tekno System used to monitor semi-submersible rig in Brazil
Emotion, the stainless steel P&T unit developed by Tekno System, has been chosen to monitor a dynamic positioning semi-submersible rig in Brazil, the first ever to be gangway-connected to a turret moored platform.

The rig, located in Campos Basin offshore, near Rio de Janeiro, operates alongside a floating unit for the production and processing of hydrocarbons and for the storage of oil. The station provides safety and maintenance support to production installations. It offers accommodation for 461 people and includes offices, catering and leisure facilities. In this challenging environment, an effective and dynamic system for the surveillance of workers and processes was required. The end customer, a leading operator of this type of vessels, had to upgrade the existing video surveillance system, which showed many defective P&T units. According to the installer they had "evident signs of corrosion and bad mechanical quality."

Emotion was chosen not only for its rugged structure and high performance, but also for its design and value for money. Thirteen units have been placed along the perimeter of the vessel to monitor critical areas both internally and outside the platform. The continuous rotation on both axis, together with the extremely fast and accurate positioning, ensures that every event in the 1300 m² working area is properly monitored.

The system works with mechanical solutions that do not require maintenance, a key factor in such kind of context. In addition, it can be completely configured by remote without opening the unit, avoiding uncomfortable on-site operations. These PTZs have now been working for almost 2 years, with full satisfaction of the customer.

Specifically designed to withstand corrosion and the most severe environmental conditions, Emotion is ideal for dynamic monitoring of wide areas, especially in critical applications. Key features of this unit include: made entirely in AISI 316L stainless steel, positioning speed up to 200°/s, continuous pan-tilt rotation, maintenance-free, highly customizable, can accommodate the most diverse types of visible/
thermal cameras and lenses and 100% Made in Italy.
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