IndigoVision launches new Honeywell Galaxy integration module

IndigoVision launches new Honeywell Galaxy integration module
The new IndigoVision Honeywell Galaxy Integration Module now gives even more control over Honeywell Galaxy systems, allowing monitoring and command of Galaxy Series 3, Dimension and Flex panels through IndigoVision's Control Center management software.

Get seamless management and monitoring through a single interface - IndigoVision's Control Center. Trigger live video, move PTZ cameras, start recordings, send notification emails automatically - all dramatically decreasing operator response time.

Video surveillance, access control, perimeter detection, alarm systems, help points: all these applications are designed to keep users safe. But they are all stand-alone, different systems speaking different languages. That means they can't talk to each other. This is a single application that speaks to and controls all the others.

Integration modules in this application act as translators so the various surveillance applications are easier to use. They convert all the applications, puts them into a single application - Control Center. Control Center then makes the information smart and actionable. 

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