Axis Design Studio simplifies design and specification of systems

Axis Design Studio simplifies design and specification of systems
Axis Communications announced the launch of two design platforms that simplify and streamline security system design. AXIS Design Studio is specifically designed for use by independent consultants to design complex, enterprise systems leveraging existing design software. System integrators and installers can utilize Axis Site Designer to design security solutions for small and mid-sized systems.

“Axis is committed to making security easy and achievable for any sized system. We listen and incorporate market feedback into our product design and accessories. Now, we’ve expanded our system design tool offering with the launch of Axis Design Studio and AXIS Site Designer,” said Fredrik Nilsson, GM, Axis Communications. “These platforms simplify the design process and help achieve the customer’s objectives with a successful installation of Axis products.”

Axis Design Studio
Axis Design Studio is the result of a partnership with Iomnis Surveillance Solutions, merging 3D virtualization with current Axis design tool competencies to improve the accuracy and efficiency of system designers’ workflow. The 3D modeling environment provides an immersive experience to simplify camera placement and accurately specify field of view. Product selection in the virtual world can be easily leveraged to produce deliverables, such as camera schedules and field of view footprint, with seamless integration to the online portal.

Designers can continue to build on the project from the 3D environment or begin a new design using the integrated online portal, dependent on the stage of the project. The portal simplifies camera selection by using interactive filtering tools to select the required product and accessories, including server and storage solutions. Once the design is complete, exporting a bill of material, server requirements and a unified CSI specification is a mouse click away.

“Axis Design Studio not only streamlines the project design process, but also immerses the designer in a virtual modeling environment. This powerful platform enables consultants to design a complete project quickly and accurately by providing intuitive decision-making tools, eliminating time-consuming calculations and creating project deliverables. By streamlining the workflow, it allows consultants to increase their efficiency and focus on what they do best – all without sacrificing quality of service.” 

Geoffrey Bauer, A&E Program Manager, Axis Communications

Leveraging architectural files from Revit, AutoCAD or SketchUp, system designers can virtually walk through a space, which can help engage the customer in the design process regardless of their familiarity with security products. The online portal quickly compiles projects, which can be securely synced to the cloud or downloaded to a local server.

Axis Design Studio is supported by Axis Application Development Partners (ADP), including Aimetis and Milestone Systems. AXIS Design Studio is available today to qualified Axis Architecture & Engineering Programpartners in North America. AXIS Design Studio is initially available only in English.

Axis Site Designer
Axis provides system integrators and installers with an intuitive new web application that reduces the time and effort needed to design complete security solutions for small and mid-sized systems. AXIS Site Designer works online and offline to recommend cameras and recording solutions, saving time when specifying and designing end-to-end solutions for sites with up to 100 cameras. It includes easy-to-use templates for a variety of security requirements and gives interactive guidance on the selection of cameras, recording products and accessories needed for a complete surveillance solution.

The app features a selection of templates for common installation scenarios. A visual camera selector recommends cameras based on operational requirements, such as required resolution, camera coverage and light conditions. It is easy to find the right mounts and other accessories for any camera since the tool only presents compatible components. A storage calculator provides recommendations for suitable recording solutions based on typical scenarios. Finally, the tool produces a complete bill of materials that includes all components in the system.

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