D3 Security incident management system creates improves efficiency at AMD

D3 Security incident management system creates improves efficiency at AMD
Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Physical Security department is responsible for building security and safety, incident investigation, emergency management and response, and facilities compliance, with a mission to consistently deliver world class services and programs to protect AMD employees and visitors at their facilities around the globe. AMD’s security management representatives are mandated to protect their assets by fostering a safe and secure working environment at their facilities while reporting to a Global Senior Manager of Security.
Each of AMD’s facilities had a different way of reporting incidents and managing security, ranging from handwritten reporting to in-house database systems and non-customized incident reporting software.
This meant that an average incident was recorded using whichever system was available, and documents were scanned and saved in physical filing systems scattered across the globe. Incidents were shared in both shift and daily reports and distributed to various security management representatives in the company.
Each facility had a different system in place and each report had a different format, resulting in system-wide inconsistencies and lost efficiencies from unstandardized method of incident reporting.
AMD’s Physical Security team determined quickly that it needed to align its disparate systems and find a single solution that would meet the needs of all users. The new system needed to be easy to use and reflect the business processes and procedures unique to AMD. Finally, it needed to be highly scalable and secure.
With the D3 system, all incident reports and associated case information are stored in a single location, regardless of the source. This helps ensure comprehensive, consistent information, as well as the ability to easily generate accurate, organization-wide analysis reports that can be saved, exported and published for other users.
The automated approval workflow feature allows for more efficient routing of incident reports during their creation and approval phases. The D3 electronic post orders feature provides access to policy and procedure documentation, which is also available from the field via a mobile device.
With the help of a dedicated D3 Business Analyst, D3 was able to configure a system designed to address the specific incident reporting and case management system needs of the AMD security team. D3’s training resources, project management and knowledgeable support staff members were also instrumental in achieving a seamless rollout of the system.
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