Geutebruck launches 360-degree panoramic camera

Geutebruck launches 360-degree panoramic camera
A clear, panoramic view with just a single camera is now also available for outdoor use, Geutebrück's G-Cam EHC 3285 is here.

With IK 10, the new 360° IP camera is extremely durable, providing optimal protection against vandalism and other external factors. Due to its powerful dewarping function – converting the 360° image to an intelligible panoramic image – the user sees "straightened", clear images, in the live stream as well as in recorded images!

The 360° image can be converted into up to 4 "straightened" image areas. Dewarping not only makes the evaluation of the image more comfortable, it makes it faster and more secure as well. The virtual pan-tilt function improves upon this exceptional operator comfort and convenience, and with no wear, of course.

Geutebrück's discrete 6 megapixel IP camera is ideal for 360° surveillance applications outdoors thanks to its IP66 and IK10 ratings. It is suitable for ambient temperatures from +50 to -10 °C. Its integrated IR-LED illumination provides security around the clock. Like any Geutebrück camera, it fits seamlessly into all digital Geutebrück recording systems. With a frame rate of up to 25 fps with H.264 transmission, in conjunction with the 1/1.8" CMOS image sensor with progressive scan, every image detail is recorded perfectly – for complete, professional video security. And another thing: With an option for local or decentralized power supply via PoE, it provides maximum flexibility during the installation. 

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